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Carwale Interview Experience for Freshers (On-Campus) 2023

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  • Last Updated : 12 Sep, 2022
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I appeared for the Carwale test + interview in August 2022 through college placement for an Associate Software Development Engineer role. A total of 4 rounds were conducted. The procedure was in hybrid mode. 

Carwale had come for 3 profiles in our college:

  • Associate Software Development Engineer 
  • Front End Developer.
  • Associate Software Development in Test.


  • Engineering: 7.0 CGPA & above
  • No live backlog

Round 1 Aptitude (Virtual): The aptitude round consisted of 4 coding questions. 

  • All the questions were array and string based. 
  • The first question was easy to level second and third were medium-level greedy and backtracking-based questions and the fourth question was hard to level based on dynamic programming.
  •  I could solve only the first and fourth questions.

Round 2 Technical Interview (Physical): Although the interview was in physical mode the interview was taken on zoom meet in college. The interview started with a formal introduction after that interviewer told me that this interview is completely based on Data Structure and Algorithms. 

He gave me 3 questions all were leetcode easy medium-level questions.

  • Implement stack using a queue.
  • Find the loop and length of the loop on LinkedList.
  • Find duplicates and missing ones in the array.
  • The interviewer asked me to code them in 40 minutes. I was able to successfully code them. 
  • After that, he asked me some basic questions about DBMS related to ACID properties and normalization.

Round 3 Technical Interview:This round was completely based on low-level system design. The interviewer asked me to explain my engineering project and then he started asking many low-level system design questions in terms of my project like how I implemented indexing in the backend etc and also asked me to draw a database schema of my project. The interview went up to 30-35 minutes.

Round 3 HR Interview:  It was a typical HR interview that only lasted for 15 minutes where the interviewer briefed about the company and work culture. 

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