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C# Program to Demonstrate the Use of CreateSubdirectory Method

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  • Last Updated : 01 Feb, 2022
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DirectoryInfo class provides different types of methods and properties that are used to perform operations on directories and sub-directories like creating, moving, etc. This class has a CreateSubdirectory() method that is used to create a sub-directory or sub-directories on the given path. Here the given path can be relative to this instance of the DirectoryInfo class.


public System.IO.DirectoryInfo CreateSubdirectory (string spath);

Here, the spath parameter represents the specified path.

Return: It will return the last directory that is specified in the path.


  • ArgumentException: This exception will occur when the spath does not specify a valid file path or contains invalid DirectoryInfo characters.
  • ArgumentNullException: This exception will occur when the spath is null.
  • DirectoryNotFoundException: This exception will occur when the specified spath is invalid, such as being on an unmapped drive.
  • IOException: This exception will occur when the subdirectory cannot be created.
  • PathTooLongException: This exception will occur when the specified spath, file name, or both exceed the system-defined maximum length.
  • SecurityException: This exception will occur when the caller does not have code access permission to create the directory.
  • NotSupportedException: This exception will occur when the spath contains a colon character (:) which is not the part of the given drive label (e.g. “E:\”).



// C# program demonstrate the working
// of CreateSubdirectory() method
using System;
using System.IO;
class GFG {
    static void Main()
        // Getting the vignan directory
        DirectoryInfo my_dir = new DirectoryInfo("vignan");
        // Creating sub directory named IT
        // in the vignan directory
        // using CreateSubdirectory() method
        Console.WriteLine("IT  created successfully");


IT  created successfully
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