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C++ Program to print current Day, Date and Time

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 31 Jul, 2017
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In order to facilitate finding the current local day, date and time, C++ has defined several functions in the header file , so functions which will help us in achieving our objective of finding local day, date and time are:


  • It is used to find the current calendar time.
  • Its return type is time_t, which is an arithmetic data type capable of storing time returned by this function.
  • If its argument is not NULL, then it assigns its argument the same value as its return value.


  • It uses the argument of time(), which has the same value as the return value of time(), to fill a structure having date and time as its components, with corresponding time in local timezone.


  • It is used to convert the contents in the structure filled by localtime into a human-readable version which finally returns day, date and time in the given format:
    Day Month Date hh:mm:ss Year

// C++ program to find Current Day, Date
// and Local Time
using namespace std;
int main()
    // Declaring argument for time()
    time_t tt;
    // Declaring variable to store return value of
    // localtime()
    struct tm * ti;
    // Applying time()
    time (&tt);
    // Using localtime()
    ti = localtime(&tt);
    cout << "Current Day, Date and Time is = " 
         << asctime(ti);
  return 0;


It will show the current day, date and localtime, in the
format Day Month Date hh:mm:ss Year

Points to remember:

  1. This program will give output different for different time zones as per the time in that time zone.
  2. The Day, Date and Time in the output is independent of the system day, date and time. You can change your system date and time settings, but still the output will not be affected, and will give the correct information.

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