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Byju’s Interview for Business development associate

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 26 Apr, 2020
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Round 1:Group Discussion
As all the students entered the group discussion room hr settled us in a way such that all people can be in his eye sight.He guided the rules of group discussion.He said that the discussion should complete in ten minutes.Then he gave us the topic and gave us one minute to think about it.After one minute hr asked us to start the discussion on the topic. Then my friend initiated the discussion by introducing himself and about the topic. After him I have taken the chance and started speaking out the points that are in my mind with louder voice to get the attention of hr. Then other students started arguing about my points. But I didn’t get underestimated myself I buildup my self confidence and started arguing with themĀ  politely and satisfied them by inner meaning of my points.And I have concluded the topic. Then hr allowed the students to talk who haven’t get the chance to tell their points. Meanwhile the discussion time is completed.Then we leaved the room waited outside the room for the result. After five minutes results was declared I have heard good news that i am selected for the next round i.e is personal interview.

Round 2:Personal Interview

Did you know smile is a key asset in interview!

I reached the venue at 7:45 Am all people decked up trying to look smart.I know what’s going to happen.As soon as I entered the building where i was supposed to wait, saw 100s of students sitting in chairs in the hall.

I went and sat in the as they said they’ll call randomly. Then I started to prepare for the interview with the help of google.I have been waiting for five hour’s, by the time I just tired and pissed off wants to finish quickly and go to the hostel to sleep.

After a while they called my name. When i entered the room my heart rate was gradually increasing after seeing the hr.I wished him with a good smile and took my seat with permission then he started asking about myself, why my marks decreased in college, why Byju’s, my achievements, about Byju’s?

My answer about Byju’s is I want to earn money. He started to look very seriously at me. I was very panic about the situation but i was maintaining smile throughout the interview even in a situation where my answers was absolutely wrong.But later on I managed myself with logical reasons. I was tensed but all went well and at last hr said hope to be see you soon on board.

After the completion of interview I came to understand that patience and put smile on your face when you have nothing to do.

Note: I got the job

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