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BYJU’S Interview Experience (Off-Campus) 2022

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  • Last Updated : 11 Nov, 2022
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Byju’s conducted its off-campus drive for Software Engineers (2022 Grads) in December, 2021. The process was centered around the concepts of Data Structures & Algorithms, while also focusing on concepts of core computer science subjects (Object Oriented Programming, Database Management Systems & Operating Systems). Appropriate importance had also been given to Internship Experiences & Projects. The overall interview process involved three levels of screening, with each round being an elimination round. 

Round 1 – Online Assessment (OA): The online assessment was a combination of MCQ’s from Computer Science Basics & Coding questions. The MCQ’s were focused mostly on concepts from Object Oriented Programming, Operating Systems, Database Management Systems & determining the output for a sample code type of questions. 

The Online Assessment had fairly simple coding questions based on Doubly Linked List & Binary Search Tree (BST) 

Round 2 – Tech Interview 1: The interviewer was a Lead Engineer at Byju’s, who had an experience of over 7 years. He seemed extremely experienced & well-versed with Algorithms. The interview started off with my introduction, followed by a series of questions on DBMS, followed by a few questions on OS. There were a few questions, which required in-depth knowledge on the subjects. However, Most questions were rather straight forward. We moved onto the algorithmic questions. 

  • The first question was a medium level array question, the interviewer just twisted the question a little to confuse me. But, the question was Rotate the Array
  • The second question was a medium level question. The question was twisted & complicated a little further. However, I was able to figure it out. The question was similar to Implement Min Heap without STL 
  • The third question was the most straightforward one, the question was presented as it is. It was a medium level question based on Linked List, the question was Delete the Nth Node from the end of the Linked List 
  • The interviewer wanted to check my knowledge of Graphs, so I was asked to write the code for storing a graph & performing a simple DFS on the same. The question is DFS of Graph

The interview was pretty tiring, it was over 1.5 hours. I could solve all the questions & heard back about myself clearing the round after over a week. 

Round 3: Tech Interview 2: The second interview round was a hiring manager round. The round started off with a formal introduction of myself & the interviewer. This round was focused on the concepts of DSA, Leadership Principles, Projects & Internship Experiences. 
I was asked a few DSA concepts to kick-off the interview. I was then asked to code the basic structure of Graph & Binary Tree. Furthermore, I was told to write traversal code for both of these Data Structures. 

The next half of the round focused extensively on leadership principles, my projects & internship experiences. I’d rate this round as much simpler than the previous round.

After about two weeks, I got an email confirming that I’ve been selected for the role of Software Engineer!

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