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BYJU’S Interview Experience for MTS -1(On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 13 Sep, 2022
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Round 1 – Online Assessment: There were 2 coding questions and some multiple choice questions. Coding questions are 1 is related to strings (Not easy) and the other one is writing a Program to find n’th Fibonacci number (Very easy).

There were 2 Technical Interviews for those who were selected for Online Assessment. Both are Elimination Rounds.

Technical Interview – 1: The Interviewer was very interactive. He asked me 2 questions related to DSA.

I was able to solve this in O(N^2) he asked me for an optimal solution but I couldn’t do it.

I solved it in 2 approaches.

  • Then he asked me about my projects. 
  • Then he asked me some cross questions like what is a RACE CONDITION and what is STARVATION. I answered all the other questions. At last, he asked me if I had any questions for him.

Technical Interview – 2: This Interviewer is also very interactive. He started with the project discussion and then he asked 2 DSA questions.

  • From a standard 52-card deck, 1 card is removed randomly. Find that removed card. For example: if card number 2 of Heart time is removed we should print “2H”. 
  • I solved it in 4 ways he is very satisfied with that answer.
    • First approach – Time Complexity O(nlogn) Space Complexity O(n).
    • Second approach – Time Complexity O(nlogn) Space Complexity O(1).
    • Third approach – Time Complexity O(n) Space Complexity O(n).
    • Fourth approach – Time Complexity O(n) Space Complexity O(1).
  • (Exact question without any changes)
  • We left with 5 minutes so he asked me for a puzzle which I failed to solve that.

Puzzle : 

x^y + y^x = 176
Find x and y;

Answer: Take x or y as 1. You can easily find the other.

At last, he also asked me whether I had any questions for him.

Final verdict: Selected.

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