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Byju’s Interview Experience for Sales

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  • Last Updated : 14 Sep, 2020
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This is the first step, Prepare a good resume and also make a company-oriented resume. Then just follow these simple steps to apply on byju’s as a business development associate.

  • Step 1: Open Byjus career in Google chrome
  • Step 2: Open first link Byjus career -Check for recent career options
  • Step 3: Then enters all your details including your board percentage marks and graduation marks.
  • Step 4: Then apply with via your resume.

Round 1: Telephonic round, there were the three questions that ask in my telephonic round. And one more thing is crisp and clear with your answer. 

  1. Tell me About yourself ? (This is the most common questions asked in all the round )
  2. Why sales after Btech?(As you are switching your job from technical to nontechnical but  you have to be very crisp with your answer)
  3. What is your opinion about Videos over Books (Note: Here you have to give preference more on videos and tell more advantages about videos over books as byjus is more focused on videos so you should be up to the point with your answer)
  4. How will you sell our app?

Note: If you are selected then they will ask you the preferred schedule for a video call for the interview.

Round 2(Video call on Zoom App):

  1. What are you doing nowadays?
  2. Why you chose sales?
  3. There is an opening in a technical are you willing to give the interview in that profile?
  4. Scenario-based questions.
  5. Can you work in Lucknow or Noida (Here you have to be very specific to be with your answer)?

Then after the Final interview video call round with was conducted by Product Specialist

  1. How much are you interested in sales? (Because here you are applying for the nontech jobs sales jobs so you have to be very straight forward with your answer.
  2. Which all companies you have applied rather than sales?
  3. What if you are rejected from this company tell me your plan B?
  4. What is your priority Sales or Byjus?
  5. Scenario-Based questions: There were one or two questions asked if you have very strong communication skills and you have the ability to convince to different and tell them their importance you can crack this part also and Remember one thing the HR will ask you in between Are you Nervous? Don’t panic just remain chill and say No because here they will put the pressure on you and just to check whether you are able to handle the situation or not. So the point is to remain calm and focus on giving the answer up to the point?
  6. Which all profile you have applied in other companies also?

The next program was held that was the JumpStart program because they could not able to judge my profile in these three rounds. And also the process has also been increased during the lockdown period so one is the Jumpstart program and another one is the presentation round.

JumpStart Program: Zoom Meeting in Byjus 

  1. Session on K- 10 apps everything about everything BTLA
  2. Session K-3 app everything about BTLA
  3. Session on K-12 app everything about BTLA
  4. MCQ test on K3 and k-10 app and the questions will be very easy if you listen to the seminar there and you can get a good score.
  5. And they will give an overview of the job role CPO of the byjus.

After that the final call the mail came that you have been selected and you have to give the presentation on k3 and k10 app in a very short time after than it was over and it took only around 8to9 days and my joining offer letter came and I was really very excited to start my new jobs.  Note: Guys here in byjus interview percentage criteria doesn’t matter they mainly focus on the communication skills and convincing that you have also the ability to sell the things to the people.

This was my first-time experience as a fresher to go through the job interview and crack in the first attempt as many people got rejections at their first, so I was really very excited to start my journey.

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