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Bulma Radiusless

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  • Last Updated : 02 Feb, 2022
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Bulma Radiusless class is used to remove the radius from any element, add the is-radiusless modifier to any element, and any radius previously applied to that element will be removed.

Bulma Radiusless Classes:

  • is-radiusless: This class is used to remove the radius from any element.


<element class="is-radiusless">

Below example illustrate the Bulma Radiusless class

Example: The below example shows the use of the Bulma Radiusless class to remove the radius of an element. Since the tags and notification element in Bulma have a border-radius by default we will use those elements to show how the is-radiusless class works.


<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>Bulma Radiusless Example</title>
    <link rel='stylesheet' 
<body class="has-text-centered">
    <h1 class="is-size-2 has-text-success">
    <b class="is-size-5">
      Bulma Radiusless Example
    <div class="container is-fluid">
        <p class="mt-5">
          <b>Default Notification element:</b>
        <div class="notification is-link mt-2">
            <button class="delete"></button>
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        <p class="mt-5">
          <b>Notification with 
        <div class="notification 
                    is-radiusless is-link mt-2">
            <button class="delete"></button>
            GeeksforGeeks is a computer science portal
            for geeks by geeks. Here you can find articles
            on various computer science topics like Data
            Structures, Algorithms and many more.


Bulma Radiusless

Bulma Radiusless


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