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Bloomberg Software Developer Graduate Position -New York

  • Last Updated : 24 Feb, 2019

I would like to contribute my Interview Experience at Bloomberg LP, New York.

Round 1-(Phone Interview)

This interview was easy. It lasted for around 45 minutes. First Interviewer Introduced himself and then had brief discussion on my resume and asked me questions like what made you to apply for Bloomberg. Then there were two coding questions

1) Find the first occurrence of a sub-string in a string and return the index of it if it is present.
2) Rotate a 2-d array of numbers in left direction (I solved this without using extra space).

Then he explained me his role and his team size.

Then I got a mail from hr after two days. I have been selected on site interview in new york in one month.

They provided me everything flight tickets, Hotel, taxi from airport to hotel and additionally they gave a 100$ gift card.

I reached the campus by 10 am and had a quick tour of the beautiful building.

Round 2 (Coding Interview)

There were Two interviewers in this round.


In a Linked List, each node has two pointers a skip node and next node.
This skip node can point to any node or it can point to null. We need to prove that the linked list is valid if a node’s skip pointer should not point to any node before the present node or itself or any node which is not present list(it can point to any other node in another list)

I have used a hash map with node reference as key and its index as value in first iteration.

Then compared with the skip pointer indexs according to above conditions.


You are a server in a wedding reception you need to serve two types a guests

1) Guest who asks for a specific type of food.
2)Guest who asks for a food with no preference.

But here the condition is you should always serve the oldest cooked food to the guests.

I have used hash map with key as food type and value as queue of items with timestamp.

you can get O(1) time complexity in first case and O(Food types) in second case.

Then they gave me a break for 15 mins had lunch in that period.

Round 3(Coding Interview):-

There were Two interviewers as well in this round

Question1:- Find nth Least Common Ancestor of two nodes in a binary tree Used recursive approach to solve this problem.

Question2:- There is a function in a class if it is called more than 1 million times in a second we need to print a error.

I have used queue to store the count of times it called in each milli second
value at index i is (count[i-1]+currcount- value at head of the queue) pop head if i-100>0 else count[i-1]+currcount
if this value is greater than 1 million we need to print an error.

In Brief I was counting for every milli second

I got a reject after 2 days.

Be prepared for Why Bloomberg?

Hope this experience might help some one.

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