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Bloomberg Interview | Set 3 (For Software Development Programmer)

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Interview Process : I applied through career page and got reply through mail for discussion about my internship project and final year project.

After that they scheduled phonic interview for 45 mins (1:1) on hackerrank codepair. After successfully passing this round had to go though video conference interview (2:1) with live coding on hackkerank.

Again they scheduled third round as video conference (2:1) , again live coding on hackkerank .
Minor mistake caused me rejection.

Interview Questions :

First round :
1. Some function was there had to find error .
2. Given an array and integer m, had to find average of m groups in O(n).

   Ex : A[] = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5}, m = 3
      ans : avg(1,2,3), avg(2,3,4), avg(3,4,5) 

3. Given an array and target , had to find all pairs whose sum is equal to target.

Second round :
1. given a sorted array, had to find the first occurrence of given number
2. brackets matching.

Third round :
1. two string are given had to find the missing string

    Ex - String one - "This is an example"
           String two - "is example" 
         ans - This, an  

2. given pair of range had to merge

   Ex - (2,3), (5,10), (9,14)
       ans - (2,3), (5,14) 

In every round they have discussed about my internship and final year project. Be prepared for question like what do u know about bloomberg and why do u want to join

Result : Rejected in third round

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Last Updated : 13 Apr, 2016
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