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Bimodal IT in Software Engineering

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  • Last Updated : 02 Aug, 2022
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Bimodal IT as the name suggests it is the combination of two modes of IT operations. Actually it is a framework which was coined by a leading IT research firm Gartner Inc. So it is also called as Gartner’s Bimodal IT framework.

Those two modes are as follows:

  1. Mode-1: (Legacy): Refers to traditional era of working with optimized area having well understanding which enables predictable operations with safety and accuracy.
  2. Mode-2: (Modern): Refers to non-traditional era of working with optimized area having uncertainty which enables innovative operations with agility and speed.

With respect to digital advancement, enterprise application and service demand has also improved a lot, which forces the organizations to adapt a separate but coherent working style that is nothing but Bimodal IT framework. It calls two parallel tracks i.e. Exploitation and Exploration.

Bimodal Organization:

An organization is said to be Bimodal Organization when they have two IT teams for two modes of working.

  1. One team is dedicated to looking at core systems and legacy applications, taking care of technology and applications that need attention.
  2. Another team is dedicated to look at upcoming problems, finding and delivering new innovative solutions rapidly by using advanced tools and technology.

Which is nothing but separation and finally integration.

  1. Separate IT teams
  2. Separate Codebases
  3. Separate schedules
  4. Integrated result

Bimodal Strategy for Organization:

For an organization to exist in the IT market for a long time and to move ahead with proper progress, both modes are essential for creation of substantial value and significant organizational change.

  • Back Office: Back office strategy tends to involve ‘System of Records’ like ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) which is optimized for stability and reliability. It make sure all the business operations are carried out seamlessly.
  • Front Office: Front office strategy tends to involve a ‘System of Innovation’ which is optimized for rapid feature development. They interact with a potential client, pick the problems and react rapidly with solutions and changing requirements.

Important Points Related to Bimodal IT Framework:

  • Both modes require different processes and people, different tools and technology, and different business management procedures and budget plans.
  • Changing with respect to time. Accepting challenging problems, upgrading with newer technologies, and delivering innovative solutions.
  • Achieving Digital Transformation with proper partnership between business and IT.


  1. Delivering new and innovative solutions with accuracy and speed.
  2. Achieving stability and agility in work.
  3. Maintain the good image of organization.
  4. Provides organizational flexibility to meet market demand.


  1. Requires an organization to plan and follow a clear implementation strategy.
  2. Managing confusion between two IT teams for two modes mainly their roles and resources.
  3. Establishing proper collaborative environment between teams of both modes. 
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