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Beta Technologies Interview Experience for Cloud Trainee

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In this article I will share my interview Experience for a role of Cloud Trainee at Beta Technologies. As this is for training program, the interview have only one round and this is a technical round. I will share the question asked to me.

  • Share anything you know about Cloud and reason for choosing career in Cloud ?
  • Asked to explain OSI model in networking.
  • Asked some basic Linux comments. 
  • What is Virtualization ?
  • How does communication happens between Client-Server ?
  • Asked some SQL queries 
  • Asked something about final year project and course curriculum of my UG degree 

No programming questions were asked to me. Some tips to crack internship/fresher interview related to cloud:

  • Refresh your skills in CS topics like Computer Networks, OS, RDBMS.
  • Learn some basic Linux Commands 
  • Have hands-on experience any one of the Cloud (Preferably in AWS/Azure)
  • Have a knowledge about Cloud providers  and recent cloud trends around the world
  • Having a knowledge in scripting would be plus (Bash/python) 
  • Express that you are willing  to learn and share your interest in various new cloud technologies like serverless, blockchain, AI and ML (if you know about them).
  • Having any cloud certificate will be  plus for you (Cloud practitioner for AWS, AZ-900 for Azure), 
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Last Updated : 18 Jan, 2023
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