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10 Best Computer Networking Books To Learn From [2023 Updated]

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Computer Network – Today when everyone is talking about 4G-5G networks, we generally don’t consider knowing networking basics. Although, since, we all are connected today with the internet, it enables an individual to explore anything “what they want or when they want”. All that requires for this is, A working internet connection. On the other hand, in the storm of the IT sector’s impeccable growth, where everyone wants to get into the IT field, call it a software developer, Tester, Programmer, or student, everyone needs to go through the same route called “knowing Networking” and if sometimes when you stuck, you try to find out your way out by simply “Googling”. 

The undeniable truth is that clutching accurate knowledge of computer networking can be a real challenge if you don’t get the right resource for learning. 

Best Computer Networking Books


As we’re moving fast forward, a new trend in technologies is being introduced every year. That’s why whether you’re a student or a working professional, there is a handful collection of books that you should keep, it will not only help in getting you the answers but will also clear your doubts from ground level.

Best Computer Networking Books:

Here is a list of the 10 best books to learn computer networking that will help both beginners and experienced professionals:

1. A Top-Down Approach: Computer Networking

This book will guide you through the different networking models by relating them in the form of real-life scenarios, and other beneficial tips that will surely be helpful for you to build a career in the field of computer networking. 

This book was written by James F Kurose and Keith W Ross and with the help of this book, any student can learn about how networking applications work (such as e-mail and the web), which most students use daily and once they get to understand the applications, the student can then understand the network services needed to support these applications. The student can then, in turn, examine the various ways in which such services might be provided and implemented in the lower layers.

Besides this, the authors have also mentioned a whole brief on networking, its importance, facts about computer networking, etc. However, this book has also some major key points that you should keep in mind beforehand:

  • This is a perfect fit for those who are seeking to make their way in the networking field.
  • With the help of this book, students not only see how popular applications and protocols work but also learn how easy it is to create their network applications and application-level protocols

2. Networking for Systems Administrators (IT Mastery)

This is another beautiful book well-crafted by Michael W Lucas who composed this book intending to target both experienced and beginners in the computer networking field. With the help of this book, a reader can learn right from the basics of networking i.e. TCP/IP, connectivity testing, etc. 

Besides this, this book is also well suitable for network admins who need to educate their teams about networking. You must be wondering what else this book offers and for whom it will be suitable, so let us understand some key highlights of this book:

  • It is well-equipped with working models and real-life examples which will be much easier to understand especially for beginners.
  • This book is well written in a layman’s language and after reading this book sysadmin, database admin, web admin, developer, and computing professionals should understand the basic principles of networking.

3. The All-New Switch Book (2nd Edition)

This book will drive you to understand the core concept of networking, the existing technologies, and the different modules of connectivity. This book consists of 816 pages and was written by Rich Seifert and James Edwards, and published in 2008. This is a second edition book and has been crafted for professionals and is not a beginner’s guide. The book has a separate section on LAN switches, multicast, loop prevention, LAN security, etc. 

This book fits perfectly for those who are looking to ace their career ahead in the computer network field. However, you need to keep a close eye and do notice the following highlights before moving ahead:

  • This book covers the core ingredients of “Importance of LAN switching technologies for network designing”.
  • This book is well categorized in the concepts and operation of source routing in both end stations and bridges and the various uses for Virtual LANs (VLANs) as well as the key concepts employed by devices that implement VLAN capabilities.

4. Networking All-in-One For Dummies (8th Edition)

This is a well-crafted book, especially for beginners as it covers all the basics along with the advanced topics which are required to start your journey in the field of computer networking. This book entails both installing and configuring hardware along with the software, planning, and managing network design, and cloud services which will clear the concept and working capabilities of a network. 

This book was written by Doug Lowe, consists of 1056 pages, and was published in 2021. Being a beginner, you need to keep certain things in mind before picking up this one which include:

  • For more clarity, this book offers a basic understanding of networking protocols, planning, dealing & implementing a network that is a perfect fit for learning and preparing for interviews.
  • This book has been crafted especially for beginners that offer all the important elements of dealing with cyber security.

5. High-Performance Browser Networking

This book covers certain topics like web RTC, SSE, TCP, UDP, and a series of exercises that explains the fundamental limitations of browsers. This is one of the best books having an average rating of 4.8 stars from its verified users. Those who are learning networking can refer to this book, it’s a first edition written by Ilya Grigorik and was published in 2013

The author himself used to be a web performance engineer at Google and maybe that’s why he portrayed every single unit so beautifully in a layman’s language that anyone can easily learn the roots of computer networking along with its usage in computer browsers. Besides this, this book also offers the following materials:

  • In this book, a reader can learn how to create efficient peer-to-peer (P2P) videoconferencing and low-latency applications with real-time WebRTC transports
  • It’s easy to learn how to develop fast and energy-efficient mobile applications along with the capability to boost the 3G/4G mobile network.

6. Business Data Communications and Networking (14th Edition)

This is another perfect book for learning computer networking from the ground level and was written by Jerry FitzGerald, Alan Dennis, and Alexandra Durcikova in 2020. This book entails well-balanced in-depth material for data communication and has several real-life case studies too. It is a perfect guide for students in understanding the working structure of a network and the basic requirements of building a network. It’s a 14th-edition computer networking book that can be suitable for preparing for interviews too. Despite being a beginner’s book, it also fulfills the requirement in other aspects, which includes:

  • Discussion of technical issues in computer networking and how to enhance performance while taking care of the budget.
  • Beginners will get to learn insights into computer networking of its operation in any organization or business.

7. CompTIA Network+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide

This is an exam guide written by Mike Meyers and is one of the best books for computer networks. It provides real-life examples and proper instruction along with various practice questions related to computer networking subject. This book helps the readers durThe computering exams with its amazing study tool as well as after that with its valuable job reference. 

This book includes many things including access to hands-on labs and stimulation, free video training and interactive session, etc. Hence, if you want to prepare well for your exams then do purchase CompTIA Network+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide as it will definitely help you to clear most of the doubts. 

8. Network Programmability and Automation

Written by a group of authors Scott S. Lowe, Matt Oswalt, and Jason Edelman, Network Programmability and Automation is a book that teaches you the usage of Python, JSON, Linux, and XML and helps people to automate their systems through codes. The book covers YANG for networking, XML, YAML, Linux fundamentals, Jinja templating, etc. 

It also has numerous concepts on topics related to API in network automation of Git to manage code changes. Apart from this, the book also includes lessons on how to use Salt, StarkStorm, and Ansible to automate network devices. 

9. Computer Networks by Andrew S. Tanenbaum

This is an introductory book which has been written by Andrew S. Tanenbaum and covers topics that are important for the people who are new in this stream, such as Bluetooth, paired, 802.11, 802.16, proper coverage of 3G cellular, peer-to-peer networks, and ADSL. In addition to these topics, this book also emphasizes paired and fixed coverage of ADSL, 3G cellular, gigabit Ethernet, MLPS, and peer-to-peer networks. 

The latest edition comprehensively discusses fiber to the home, RIFD, delay torrent networking, 802.11 security, internet routing, congestion control, quality of service, real-time transport, and content distribution.

10. Network Warrior

One of the best computer networking books by Gary A. Donahue. This book explains about dealing with Cisco networks. Some of the majorly used concepts like routers, firewalls, and switches. You’ll also get to read more about Internet Protocols (IPv4 and IPv6), security, telecom technologies, configuration, IP address allocation, Network Time Protocol (NTP), etc.

Some of the best topics covered in this topic are MPLS, VLANs, QoS, ACLs, and authentication. Hence, this book is a perfect guide for those who are looking to explore computer networking and its fundamentals. 


To put things forward, this is necessary to know that there are ample computer networking books and resources available in the market today. Thus, we choose to present you with the best 10 books to learn computer networking in the era of digital transformation by using new methods and techniques, you can quickly get a job in computer networking.

Along with that, we’ve also tried to highlight some key pointers that will surely help you while picking the best computer networking book even though whether you’re a beginner or a professional, this list will fulfill everyone’s requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Which is the best book to learn networking for beginners? 

Ans: Some of the best books to learn computer networking for beginners are: 

  • Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach (6th Edition)
  • Networking All-in-One For Dummies
  • CCNA 200-301 Official Cert Guide Library
  • Network Warrior

Q2. Why Learn Computer Networking?

Ans: Computer has become an integral part of businesses, hence, knowledge of computer networking is required to have. Learning computer networking provides you with a strong understanding of computer networks’ underlying mechanisms and helps you in being updated with the latest industry development. Computer Network acts as a basis of communication in IT and helps you to share information and resources between devices. It enhances “communication” and “sharing” without which the businesses won’t work.

Q3. What are career opportunities in computer networks?

Ans: There are certain positions that you can opt for after having a good command of computer networking such as network administrators, network engineers, system administrators, network analysts, and network technicians. It is an interesting and growing career. Companies require computer networking professionals to develop, troubleshoot, and protect computer systems. Hence, it is a promising career that offers a high salary.

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Last Updated : 06 Dec, 2022
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