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Basic Vector Paths in Photoshop Vector Tools

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Photoshop is a popular program that has a variety of tools. Some of the most common tools used for digital graphic design are Vector tools. Vector tools are used to create designs that can resize big and small without losing pixels. The most common vector tools are the Pen tool, Shape tool, Type tool, Brush tool, and Eraser tool.

Pen Tool: A pen tool is a standard tool used in Photoshop that helps create paths and shapes of various sizes to create selections that can later be used to make and manipulate selections. To use the Pen tool in photoshop go to Toolbar (side menu bar) or select the pen tool, click, and drag the mouse to create anchor points and handles. Anchor points can be used to create curves by clicking and dragging. For a shortcut press the Shift key and “P”. 



Shape Tool: With the shape tool you can create basic shapes like circles, squares, triangles, and more. The shape tool is used for creating simple designs. To use the Shape tool in photoshop click on Toolbar (side menu bar) there you can find the Rectangle tool, now click on the select tool, and right-click on it to use other shapes. For Shortcut press the Shift key and “U”.



Type Tool: The type tool allows you to add horizontal and vertical text to your images or designs and also use the options bar to customize tool settings, like Font style, Font size, and Text color, to get the effect you want. For a shortcut press the Shift key and “T”



Brush Tool: With the Brush tool you can paint brush strokes. To use the brush tool: Select the Brush tool in the toolbar click and drag the brush across the area you want to paint. Open the Brush picker in the Options bar and use the Size and Hardness sliders to define the brush tip. For Shortcut Press the Shift key and “B”.



Eraser Tool: With the Eraser Tool you can erase the paint and the background of the Images. The Eraser tool can make pixels transparent or match them to the image’s background color. For Shortcut press the Shift key and “E”.

Basic Vector Paths 

The Shape is drawn or created which is defined by the start and end points, along with other points and curves. The paths are independent of resolution. Because vector-based images are not made up of a specific number of dots. When you increase the size of the vector graphic, the edges of each object within the graphic stay smooth and clean.

The path is a line that connects two anchor points, whereas an open path is a line with a start point and an Endpoint and a Closed path is a shape with no endpoints.



As above mentioned in Photoshop Pre made paths are in the Shape tool and Paths is the Pen tool. With the help of the anchor points and handles you can make curves and change the directions of points with more practice with the pen tool you can make whatever shape or path you need. 

Usage of PATH Tools

Follow the following steps to use path tools:

Step 1: Open photoshop,



Step 2: Select Pen Tool (Where Vector drawing tool is PEN TOOL.)



Step 3: Once selecting the pen you can make or draw your designs.

Draw-your design


Step 4: In Photoshop the main Selection tool and Editing tools are “Path Selection Tool” and “Direct Selection Tool”.

Step 5: Select Path Selection Tool for selecting the whole path. Where you can select the whole path and move around as per your need.



Step 6: Select the Direct Selection Tool allows you to edit a path by selecting a few anchor points, or a few segments of a path.



Using pre-made paths

Step 1: Open Photoshop,

Step 2: Select the Shape tool, Shape tool offers basic shapes and lines.



Step 3: Click and drag for your desired shape.



Important Points

1. If you need to add an anchor point to a path choose Add Anchor Point Tool and click on a path you made.



2. If you need to remove an anchor point from a path choose Delete Anchor Point Tool and click on an anchor point.



3. If you need to convert an anchor point from straight to curved choose Conver Point Tool, place the cursor over the anchor point, and drag to convert to a curve or straight.



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Last Updated : 09 Mar, 2023
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