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Barclays Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 27 Dec, 2021
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Barclay came to our campus to hire interns for BA3 Grade position on18th November 2021. The eligibility criteria is CS & IT students ONLY from 3rd year, with ≥ 60% score across class X, XII and engineering semesters.  And Internship Duration is 8 Weeks Work Location is Pune & Chennai. The hiring process consists of total 2 rounds.

Round1: Programming-based MCQ Test & Coding.

Round 2: Technical Interview.

Round 1: The First round was conducted on Hacker Earth platform. The test duration was about 90mins. The exam consists of 30 MCQ’s and 2 Coding questions. The Login window is 30mins you can start the exam in between the time specified. The questions were mainly on:

  1. C++
  2. SQL
  3. Python
  4. Java
  5. Data Structures
  6. Servlet

But each question has different marks weightage based on it’s level of hardness like 4 marks, 2 marks for each question.

The Coding questions were Medium and Hard level based. Mainly you have to focus on the Edge cases. You can use programming languages like C, C++, C#, Python, Java.  The Medium level Coding question has marks weightage of 20 Marks and Hard level Coding question has weightage of 50 Marks.

Try to do as many as correct in MCQ’s and in Coding questions. Finally, 51 students were selected for Interview process.

Round 2: The Interview was conducted on Cisco Webex platform for 30 Mins. The interviewer was quite friendly. The questions asked on interview was:

  • Introduction
  • Project Explanation
  • Challenges faced while doing your Project.
  • What is you favorite programming language and Why?
  • Which code runs faster among C++ and Python and Why?
  • Multithreading
  • OOPS
  • Deadlock Conditions
  • What is Open Source?
  • Is Java Open Source?
  • Can AI Overtake humans?

 My Experience:-

  • Since, This was my first interview I was bit nervous in the Interview but even though I managed to give my best. The Introduction was very fine where the interviewer got first impression on me. And my project explanation was also very good but I am not able to explain him about the challenges in my project that was a 1st drawback. And the rest of the answers were very impressive to him. But I am not good in Operating Systems, So I was not able to answer the Deadlock Condition question that was an 2nd drawback. 
  • But the Interviewer is very Time minded and very precise on the topics in Resume. He has around 14 years experience in Barclay. So be thorough and honest with whatever topics their in your resume.

Results: Finally, the results were declared after 4 days of conducting interview. But I have not selected for Barclay. They have hired around 31 people. Since, this was my First Interview I was Procrastinating and nervous in the interview.


  • Be thorough and precise with your resume topics.
  • Be confident in an interview.
  • Be prepared for “Introduction” as first impression makes matter.
  • Make sure to know about the company.
  • Try to ask a question at the end to the interviewer.
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