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Barclays Interview Experience | Set 4 (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 30 Jun, 2021
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Barclays visited our college for campus hiring.54 students appeared for the first round. 
The process of selection included an

Round 1 

It was an online aptitude test( 60 questions 60 minutes ) on Cocubes platform.It had 2 parts.1st part was basic aptitude round consisting of three sections(20 questions Each). 

  1. General English
  2. Logical Reasoning
  3. Quantitative Aptitude

The second part constituted of 2 simple programming questions (30 minutes). There was no barrier of any programming language. Some of the questions were counted no of words in a sentence, Lzma compression algorithm, array rotation, 2d matrix sort

In all the questions you were just supposed to complete the function(template was already provided and you were supposed to return specific arguments as mentioned in question. 
Selection criteria for the second round were based on both your aptitude + Programming test. Make sure that you attempt as many questions in aptitude round(no negative marking) and solve correctly at least 1 programming question otherwise, you won’t be selected 

Round 2 

35 students were shortlisted for round 2. The company visited college a few days later. A pre-placement talk was conducted early in the morning. The company will tell you important stuff about them and on what technologies they work on. Jot down the important points about the company and go through them before your Hr. Also, make sure that you go through the company’s history at-least once. 
After the pre-placement talk students were immediately called for interviews. Students were told to just carry our Cv’s. 
The technical interview focused only on what you mentioned on your resume. Make sure that you don’t lie on it. Also, 5-6 behavioral questions were also asked. They will put you in various situations and will note how you react to it. Be natural and try thinking of whats the best thing you could have done in that situation. Take your time the interviewer will have no issue on that.  A mature answer is being expected from you keeping aside all ego. 

Round 3 

16 students made through technical Round and were sent for HR. The HR will ask you a few questions about the company(Its values RISES), you should be through with it. HR will definitely ask you about these and how you see yourself following these values in your real life. 

15 students were finally selected. 

Tips from my side 

  • Make sure you know what company is working on.
  • Don’t lie on your resume and make sure you are through with it
  • Don’t take the aptitude test lightly and answer maximum questions
  • Always show your confidence , and try not getting nervous while answering

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