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Barclays Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 09 Jan, 2022
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Barclay’s recruiting process (easy)

Campus: MNIT Jaipur

First Round: There was an online test that consisted of two parts

  • 2 Dsa question
  • 30 MCQ were related to oops in java, oops in python, oops in c++, Dbms
  • 1st dsa question is related to frequency count using an easy map.
  • 2nd question is related to (find the numbers such that the difference between two numbers is k and their sum is as small as possible)
  • first question (20 marks)
  • the second question (50 marks)
  • MCQ (4 or 6 marks each )
  • all MCQs were tricky. There was no negative marking.
  • After that, they shortlisted 12 candidates I was one of them.

Second and Final Round: There was only one round for the interview process

  • The interviewer starts with a quick introduction and directly move on to projects.
  • First, he asked me to explain the project in detail. I described my project briefly, which was related to web development.
  • My project was on the pizza delivery app. I used nodejs, MongoDB, Expressjs, and another basic npm package on my project.
  • then he started questioning on projects:
  • what kind of modification can you do in your projects?
  • Question on basic MongoDB query?
  • Is the question related to constraints in DBMS?
  • I used MongoDB for the database, and he asked why MongoDB?
  • Difference between MongoDB and MySQL?
  • Then he asked questions relating to sorting ( time complexity of sorting algorithms, approach of quicksort)?
  • Then question on multithreading?
  • at last, he asked me (is there any question you want to ask me ?)
  • I asked him about the work culture of Barclays he explained me.
  • I answered all questions. The interviewer was happy with my performance.

After all, interviews were over, they announced the result after six days, and I was selected.

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