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Barclays Interview Experience for Internship (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 04 Sep, 2020
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Barclays had visited the Campus for Internship hiring in November 2019. There was one Technical Round and one HR Round after Selection from the Online Test. Only Computer and IT Branch were allowed for appearing in the Online Test.

Round 1 (Online Test): Online Test was Conducted on HackerEarth Platform.

There were two sections: Aptitude(Technical MCQs) and Coding Round.

Aptitude(Technical): Major part of this section had questions based on SQL Queries, JAVA Programming(Code and Output), and Data Structures. Few Questions were based on Operating System and Networking. Very few quantitative & logic-based questions were also there in this section.

Coding Section(60 min): There were 2 coding questions. The questions were different for everyone. The difficulty level of the questions was easy/moderate.

  • I had one question related to prime numbers array
  • The second question related to the lexicographically ordering of Strings.

You can easily crack this round if you have some practice with competitive programming.

Round 2 (Technical Interview): I was first asked to introduce myself. After this, I was asked technical questions as following:-

  1. Object-Oriented Programming Concepts with real-life examples.
  2. One String Based Coding Question using JAVA.
  3. Searching & Sorting Algorithms. (Binary Search, asked to write Time & Space Complexities of Merge Sort, Quick Sort, Heap Sort, etc).
  4. Some Questions related to JAVA Programming Concepts.
  5. Joins in SQL (Given the tables and asked to write the Inner Join SQL Query)
  6. Git Commands(Since I had mentioned Github link on my resume.)
  7. One HTML Based Question.

After this, I was asked questions based on my Projects (Since I had mentioned one DBMS Project, I was asked to write/draw about all tables used in the Project).

Some More discussion on the Project went on 

In the end, I was asked if I had any questions for the interviewer. This round lasted for around 40-45 minutes.

Round 3 (HR Interview): This was a quite easy round. I was asked about Barclays Values (RISES) and some real-life examples of them. Then I was asked some general questions( my strengths, weaknesses, etc.) 

Some discussion regarding relocation.

In the end, I was asked if I had any questions for the interviewer.  After this,14 students were selected for the internship, and I was one of them.

I would like to thank GeeksforGeeks for helping out through Competitive Coding Practice and  Technical Interview Preparation.

Thank You So Much. All the Best !!

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