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Barclays Interview Experience for Graduate Analyst

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  • Last Updated : 23 Sep, 2022
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Round 1: This was an online assessment where there were some MCQs (don’t remember the exact number) that were mostly output based and were in different languages (like python, java, c++,c). Also, there were some questions from MongoDB.

Along with the MCQs, there were 2 coding questions (different for everyone).

Mine was based on array and strings.

Round 2: After 2 days, the results were out; out of 383 students, 62 were shortlisted, and our interview was scheduled after 4 days.

  • This round was conducted by the VPS. 
  • They started with my introduction and then started asking questions about OOP, DBMS, OS, etc. They also asked me about my project (please make sure you know everything about your project).
  • This was it for me. He gave me feedback and told me that he will be recommending my name to HR :). The interviewer was very sweet and tried to make us calm.

Result: Results were declared after 2 days

Selected 🙂

Tips :

  • 1. Pls be HONEST (because the interviewer is a well-experienced person and can easily catch you if you lie).
  • 2. I was not asked DSA in the second round but some of my friend were asked to code some questions , so practice DSA well.
  • 3. You should know each and everything written in your resume.
  • 4. Most important thing : BE CONFIDENT

All the best 🙂

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