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Barclay Interview Experience for Analyst Summer Internship

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Barclay summer analyst internship is an excellent opportunity as it has come in on campus with a huge stipend of 75k and awesome perks. to crack this internship one has to cross through two rounds.

In my case around 4000 students applied for this by filling in their percentage in classes 12 and 10 and their current cgpa and a restriction was applied that there should not be active backlogs. so upon this filtration process, only 700-800 students got selected for round 1.

Round 1:online assessment round: In this round, an online exam is conducted which consists of 30 MCQ and 2 coding questions. the first coding question would be considered as leetcode (easy) category, and other leetcode (medium).in my case, most MCQs were from DBMS oops output SQL queries.

  • 1-coding question: leetcode -graph theory based (20 mark)
  • 2-coding question(leetcode)-java collections frameworks(hashmaps)-50marks.

I was able to solve leetcode medium one which was 50m all my test cases were accepted only a few test cases were passed and the rest were partially accepted. for 20m.

Tips: To save time do mcq as much as you can and jump on 50m questions ie 32 questions. if all the test cases got accepted you will have a great chance of cracking this round 1.

In our college 700+ give this exam only 57 were selected for round 2.

Round 2: technical interview+ hr round: Most of the interviews would be taken .by the vice-president of Barclays.

  • Mostly cv based if you have enough work experience if not get ready to get trapped in questions asked in details of dsa oops DBMS SQL,
  • well I have shown my work experience as I was doing my one internship so I added this in my resume the company is in demand of those who have some work experience.

Tip: Added only those projects which you have made please don’t copy from your friends or git because the interviewer is not a fool he will figure it out automatically as they are so experienced (around 28_-29 years).

In my case, pretty different things happen my intro was not taken simply by my interviewer. he was specific to my domain. he was asking questions from my projects and cv based questions then he jumped on oops and DSA.

Tip: Be confident, because if at any point in time when you don’t know any questions that moment your confidence is checked on that basis you will be judged.

Well, the results came after 2 days only 16 students were selected and I was one of them…<3.

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Last Updated : 05 Dec, 2022
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