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BankBazaar Interview Experience | Set 3

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  • Last Updated : 06 May, 2015
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Round 1
An online test on java/ajax & struts

Round 2
1) How would you implement snakes and ladder game?(Hint: Use arrayList)
2) How would you come to know if a number is a power of 2? Code.
3) Given an arrayList, get the number which is lonely or does not have any duplicates. What is the time complexity here.
4) How will you implement a functionality where updating the DB updates the value on the UI without entire page refresh

Round 3
1) Consider a square matrix with elements 0s & 1s in it. The rows are sorted while columns are not. Calculate the row with the maximum sum. (Hint : you don’t need to iterate through all the rows & columns to get the answer)

2) Consider an array:

   Get the index of the element which is :
   at-least repeated once & has the lowest index.
   Output for the above given array is : 2  

Explanation : Since both 2 & 5 are repeated elements but since the index of 2 is less than that of 5, hence the answer is 2.

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