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Bank of America Interview Experience for Senior Tech Associate

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Bank of America visited our college offering the role of Senior Tech Associate. The entire process comprised three rounds, but even before that, there was a resume-based shortlisting process too.

Round 1: Video Interview + Coding Questions: This was conducted on the HireVue platform. 

  • There were five questions in total and among them, there were two coding questions (both of which were easy level) and two managerial questions which had to be answered in video mode and I had to explain one of the coding questions solved. 
  • The video questions had to be recorded via a webcam and mic. As far as I can recollect, the following were the questions posed to me:

Coding Question1: Given a string, alternatively, change the case of the character, i.e., the first character should be upper case, the second character should be lower case, the third should be upper case, and so on when you encounter an alphabet and the remaining character should remain unchanged.



Coding Question 2:

HR Question 1: Briefly tell about yourself, the work you have done, the challenges faced in that, and why you’re fit for this job.

HR Question 2: How have your previous experiences shaped/prepared you for this role?

In addition to this, I was also asked to explain the approach for the second code, its logic, and time complexities.

Round 2: Technical Interview: This revolved around a detailed discussion on two of the project I’d done (AI & ML related), the technologies used, the challenges I ran into and solved and some basic questioning on core concepts of the domain.

  • Apart from this, basic DSA questions (mostly on linear data structures) and also questions on OS, DBMS, and Linux commands were posed (in total around 7-8 such questions).
  • This could be rated anywhere between easy to moderate, and someone with clear foundational knowledge can easily clear this round. 

Round 3: HR Interview: Before my HR interview, I got results of being selected by another company (which turned out to have a better offer), so even though I’d one offer I decided to give this round a chance. 

  • This was the easiest round as it comprised basic behavioral questions like how I would handle the new tech stack, how I would ensure cooperation in the workplace, persuasive skills, etc.
  •  In the end, just the interviewer had slightly dropped a hint of me being potentially offered a job, I decided to be honest and told them politely of another offer, following which my offer was rescinded.

Overall, it was a fun experience and I got to learn many new things.

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Last Updated : 19 Sep, 2022
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