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Bajaj Finserv Interview Experience (On-Campus) 2022

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  • Last Updated : 16 Aug, 2022
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Bajaj Finserv visited our campus in August 2022 for the full-time role of a trainee, for this role we had 5 choices Android Development(Kotlin), Microservices Java, and MicroServices (Kotlin), Web development Angular, PHP Development and react.

We had to choose one beforehand so I chose Microservices (Java). In total, we had 4 rounds, 2 written tests, 1 technical interview, and 1 HR interview.

Written Test 1: This was a unique first round as there was no DSA or aptitude in it. The task was, an API was given in to which we had to submit our data such as name, email, college, etc. through a ‘PUT’ request. We had to write code for it

Written Test 2: This test was conducted on the HackerEarth platform having 12 MCQs on Java, DSA, aptitude, and 2 easy to medium level coding questions on Arrays. I was able to solve 1 of them the second question was also Doable but there was something wrong in the test case settings I feel.

Technical Interview: The interviewer asked me to introduce myself and go through my resume.

I told him about my projects which were not so great as for the role they needed a java based or DBMS-based project. Then he asked me if my projects were live or not, so I told him about my Frontend Live Projects.After that, He asked me my favorite Data Structure I told Him Trees So he asked me questions about them

  1. Left View Of a Tree
  2. LCA of a Tree.

He was happy with the approaches I told for both the questions Then He Asked me what do You Know In Java This question gave me the opportunity to take the flow of the Interview.

I told Him Everything From OOps to collections then I mentioned Threading and He followed me up with Its type. I mentioned both the types and then even told him all the methods of creating Threads and what will happen. He followed me with a question what will Happen If we Don’t override the run method I answered the question He was impressed with my answers.

He then asked me a question what are all the methods available from default if you create an object? I remembered only 3 of them .toString(), .HashCode() and .equals(). And Finally, he asked me a question based on Comparable Comparator Logic in Java He Was Quite Happy with the overall Answers given by me in java.

My interview was about 30 mins Long and After that, He Told me to be ready for the HR interview.

HR Interview: It was a 5 min Interview About all the basic HR stuff like relocating to Pune and Telling me Details about work. She asked me whether I am ready for the Job and I said Yes.

Tip: As I did not have relevant Projects so I faced questions from DSA If you want an extra edge over others please prepare the language in depth for whatever role you are preparing.

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