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Axis Bank Internship Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 06 Jan, 2022
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Axis Bank recently visited our campus for hiring students for IT Intern Role. IT Intern role for final year students including M.Tech students also. The overall process was of 2 stages. Students from CSE and IT department were allowed.

Firstly. Initial shortlisting were done and 14 students were shortlisted for further process. Since, the strength from initial shortlisting is less so company decided to conduct direct interview rounds for shortlisted candidates

Round 1(First Interview): The Interview started with greetings to each other and short introduction were provided by them to me. Then they ask questions

  • Introduction of Myself
  • Ask about projects and technologies used in that project
  • What is oops concept?
  • What is exception handling?
  • What is checked and unchecked exceptions
  • What is pointers?
  • What is multiple inheritance?
  • What is binary search?
  • At last, Ask about internship work done in past?

This interview ends here and after that 6 students were selected for final round

Round 2(Final Interview): The interview started with greetings to each other and ask about my first interview.

  • This interview was not an elimination round. This round was only  for getting us know about the role that we will be getting and what we are expected to do in 6 months internship and make us comfortable
  • At Last, all are selected in this round and I was one of them.

Verdict: Selected

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