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Avoid these mistakes on D-day | Gate 2018

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  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 08 Jun, 2022
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Most important day for any GATE aspirant is the D-day, the day of GATE exam. The day, for which you all have been working so hard. Finally, the day is in hand and examination pressure is all in the air. Believe me, even the happening GATE 2018 topper is same worried as you are right now because its natural and obvious. Stay positive, because you have already crossed your hard time, the preparation phase; now just believe in yourself.

GATE exams are happening in 3rd and 4th Feb. We have been there, helping you in your preparation phase with our GATE Notes, LMNs and Gate Mocks. Now, here are some suggestion, using which you can avoid doing silly mistakes on GATE exam day :

Stay Positive : There is a reason this point is on top. Keeping positive attitude will definitely help you achieving better RANK in your GATE exam. Being the reason, if you don’t believe in yourself, who else will do? So, the belief what you have prepared till the time and stay POSITIVE.

Be Ready : Be ready and try to feel confident, believe me it will help you. For any competitive exam, you can never feel yourself ready and that’s how it works. You just have to believe your preparation. So, tight your buckles and be ready for exam.

Proper Rest : Take enough sleep before the exam day. Sleep early, it will help your mind feel active and energetic.

Light Diet : Don’t eat heavy or oily breakfast, or you might feel lousy and unhealthy during exams. Why to take risk, stick with some healthy and light breakfast for a day. Also, drink lots of water, it will help you to be hydrated. Even you can carry a water bottle in exam hall.

Now, lets come to the mistake one can commit while attempting GATE paper, so must be avoided :

Read questions Carefully : While attempting the question, read it carefully. May be twice or thrice, if necessary. Once you feel that you understood what they are asking, you can proceed for solving.

Half knowledge is dangerous: Don’t make any ideas on just ready the half question and decide the options. Sometimes, the actual question is at the end. Read question thoroughly and then start solving.

Don’t Guess : If you are not sure about the question or you haven’t read about the topic asked, may be leaving the question is a better choice. Or it might push your AIR Rank down. So, think twice before any blind guess.

Note down values : Scribble pad and Pen will be provided to you and believe me, you cannot take those to your home. So anyway the better choice is to use them. What I mean is, don’t try to solve the whole question mock or on calculator. Note the values while solving the question. It will help you to avoid silly calculation mistakes.

Don’t mug up now : May be you left few topics and you are worrying about those. To let you know, there is a probability that question on that topic will be never be asked. Or question will be so hard that no one could solve it. What I want to say is, we should not be worried about thing we cannot control.

Last but not the least, Stay Calm, Be Positive. We hope these points will help you during GATE exam. GeeksforGeeks Team wishes ALL THE BEST to all Gate Aspirants. 🙂

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