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atrm command in Linux with examples

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atrm command is used to remove the specified jobs. To remove a job, its job number is passed in the command. A user can only delete jobs that belong to him. Only superuser can delete any job even if that belongs to another user.


atrm [-V] job [job...]


  • -V : Used to print the version number
    atrm -V 

  • job : Job number of the job which is to be deleted. To see the list of the pending jobs use following:

    Example 1: Deleting job number 22.

    atrm 22

    Example 2: Deleting multiple jobs in single atrm command:

    atrm 21 26

Alternative command for atrm:


 at -r Job 

Example 1: Deleting single job:

 at -r 24

Example 2: Deleting multiple jobs:

at -r 25 27

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Last Updated : 04 Apr, 2019
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