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8085 program to convert an 8 bit number into Grey number

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  • Last Updated : 23 May, 2018
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Prerequisite – Binary to/from Gray Code
Problem – Write an assembly language program in 8085 which convert an 8 bit number into grey number

Example –

Assumption – 8 bit number (input) is stored at memory location 2050 and output to be stored at memory location 3050.

Algorithm –

  1. Load the content of memory location 2050 in Accumulator
  2. Reset carry flag i.e. CY = 0
  3. Rotate the contents of Accumulator right by 1 bit with carry and perform xor operation with initial value of input
  4. Store the result at memory location 3050

Program –

2000 LDA 2050 A <- M[2050]
2003 MOV B, A B <- A
2004 STC CY = 1
2005 CMC CY <- complement of CY
2006 RAR Rotate 1 bit right with carry
2007 XRA B A <- A XOR B
2008 STA 3050 M[3050] <- A
200B HLT End of program

Explanation –

  1. LDA 2050 loads the content of memory location 2050 in accumulator
  2. MOV B, A transfers the content of register A in register B
  3. STC sets the carry flag i.e. CY becomes 1
  4. CMC complements the carry flag i.e. CY becomes 0
  5. RAR rotate the content of accumulator by 1 bit along with carry flag
  6. XRA B performs the xor operation in values of register A and register B and store the result in A
  7. STA 3050 stores the value of accumulator in memory location 3050
  8. HLT stops executing the program and halts any further execution
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