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Argusoft Interview Experience

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 05 Sep, 2022
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Argusoft is a Tech company known for its Software Development, Testing, and Maintenance. It hires in many college campuses across India. Any fresher B. Tech graduate or professional with a keen interest in Software Industry can also apply through its career page.

I am a fresher and applied through its career page. I reached its final round. So, I can give insights into the selection process for a fresher. Its selection process consists of 4 rounds – MCQ, HR, VP, and CEO round.

  • No technical question will be asked in any round except 2 coding questions in the very first round.
  • Good Aptitude and communication skills are the major things required for cracking this.

Round – 1: MCQ Round

  • The first round consists of five sections including Quantitative, Reasoning, Verbal, Non-verbal aptitude, and Coding section. Each section unlocks only if you score at least 60% marks in the previous section and there is also a sectional time limit of 20-40 minutes depending upon the section.
  • Aptitude rounds were of basic to a moderate level and can be easily cracked by practicing from aptitude websites like Indiabix and Interviewmania.
  • The coding round consists of 2 questions and it is of a basic level. Mathematical formula-based questions were asked such as palindrome, Fibonacci series, etc.
  • There were no technical questions were asked from core subjects or any other.
  • One can easily crack if have at least basic command over aptitude. Only thing is to finish on time and mark at least 60% correct answers in a particular section.

Round – 2: HR Round

  • The second round is a 15-20 min HR round. They will ask a little bit about yourself and give you 2-3 puzzle questions to solve on paper and mail at the same time to hr.
  • Puzzle questions in this round are of a basic level.

Round – 3: VP Round

  • This is the third round and in this round, VP will try to know a little bit more about you such as your college and career goals.
  • Your English communication and comprehension will be checked by asking a few questions through a presentation. They will present questions on the screen.
  • This time medium-level puzzle questions will be asked. But you can tackle them well with a calm mind and understand the question well. They give 5 minutes for each question to think and answer. You can use paper and a pen.

Round – 4: CEO Round

  • This is the final round and many get rejected here only.
  • CEO will take this interview and it is for 30 minutes.
  • He will try to know your academic background and a few interesting information regarding your interests and hobbies to check your communication skills, approach, and personal traits.
  • Again a puzzle question will be asked but this time level will be hard and it is not necessary to answer correctly or under any pressure from the interviewer regarding this. But he will try to know your approach of solving that particular problem.
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