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Argusoft Interview Experience

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 21 Sep, 2022
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The following question was asked me during the recruitment Process. Got 10 minutes to solve the question. Solving this question was important for selection, as Argusoft interview questions are based on aptitude only.

Question: On a tree, there are some branches. A flock of birds comes, and each bird sits on one branch of the tree. During this process, 3 branches broke, and it is seen that 12 birds did not get a branch to sit. Out of 12 birds, 3 flew away never to return. All the remaining birds formed back the flock and start sitting in groups this time, so everyone gets a branch to sit on. During this process, 3 branch broke again. Later it’s seen that 3 branches are empty, 3 branches have two birds each, and the rest branches have three birds each. How many total birds and branches were at the start?


  • Let the number of branches, at start = x.
  • Three branches broke, so the remaining branches = x-3.
  • One bird sit on one branch, and 12 birds were left. So total birds, at start = (x-3+12) = x+9.
  • Three birds flew away, remaining birds = (x+9-3) = x+6
  • When re-arranging, Three branches broke again, remaining branches = (x-3-3) = x-6.

After Re-arrangement:

  • Number of empty branch = 3, Number of birds = 0.
  • Number of branch with 2 birds each = 3, Number of birds = (2×3) = 6.
  • Number of branches with 3 birds each = remaining branch – (empty branch + branch with 2 birds each) = 
  • (x-6-3-3) = x-12.Number of birds = 3(x-12) = 3x-36.
  • If we add all the birds sitting currently, it will be equal to the remaining birds.
  • 3x-36+6+0 = x+6
  • 2x = 36, x = 18.
  • Number of branches at start = x = 18.
  • Number of birds at start = x+9 = 27.
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