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ARC Document Solution Technical Interview Experience

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It was an offline technical Interview. 

  • Introduction
  • Remove duplicate from an array without Hash
  • Count pairs of the given sum without hash, and swap two numbers without a third variable.
  • SQL join, Show rows that are present in one table but not in other.
  • 2nd highest salary using SQL
  • Four pillars of OOPs
  • Explain polymorphism
  • How to implement multiple inheritances in java. (Interface)
  • Why do we need OOPs
  • How to achieve Encapsulation, Main advantage.
  • Interested area. (I said full stack development)
  • Project details.
  • Access modifiers. Explanation of Protected Keyword.

The interview continues for 50 mins. Two days later I got the selection mail.

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Last Updated : 17 Jan, 2023
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