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Applications, Advantages and Disadvantages of Circular Doubly Linked List

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  • Last Updated : 07 Jun, 2022
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The circular doubly linked list is a combination of the doubly linked list and the circular linked list. It means that this linked list is bidirectional and contains two pointers and the last pointer points to the first pointer.

Circular Doubly Linked List

Circular Doubly Linked List

Applications of Circular Doubly Linked List:

  • Implementation of advanced data structures like Fibonacci Heap.
  • Used with data where we have to navigate front and back.
  • Circular doubly linked lists are used in multiprocessing.

Real-life applications of Circular Doubly Linked List:

  • Music Player.
  • Shopping-cart on online websites.
  • Browser cache.

Advantages of Circular Doubly Linked List: 

  • List can be traversed from both directions i.e. from head to tail or from tail to head.
  • Ease of data manipulation.
  • Jumping from head to tail or vice versa takes O(1) time.

Disadvantages of Circular Doubly Linked List:

  • Requires additional memory.
  • More complex than singly linked list.
  • If not used properly, then the problem of infinite loop can occur.
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