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Applications, Advantages and Disadvantages of Binary Tree

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  • Last Updated : 13 Jun, 2022
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A binary tree is a tree that has at most two children for any of its nodes. There are several types of binary trees. To learn more about them please refer to the article on “Types of binary tree

Sample Binary Tree

Application of Binary Trees:

  • Huffman coding tree is an application of binary trees that are used in data compression algorithms.
  • In compilers, Expression Trees are used which are applications of binary trees.
  • Priority Queue is another application of binary tree that is used to search maximum or minimum in O(log N) time complexity.
  • Represent hierarchical data.
  • used in editing software like Microsoft Excel and spreadsheets.
  • useful for indexing segmented at the database is useful in storing cache in the system,
  • syntax trees are used for most famous compilers for programming like GCC, and AOCL to perform arithmetic operations.
  • for implementing priority queues.
  • used to find elements in less time (binary search tree)
  •  used to enable fast memory allocation in computers. 
  • to perform encoding and decoding operations.

Real-time applications of Binary Trees:

  • DOM in HTML.
  • File explorer.
  • Used as the basic data structure in Microsoft Excel and spreadsheets.
  • Editor tool: Microsoft Excel and spreadsheets.
  • Evaluate an expression
  • Routing Algorithms 

Advantages of Binary Tree:

  • The searching operation in a binary tree is very fast.
  • The representation of a binary tree is simple and easy to understand.
  • Traversing from a parent node to its child node and vice-versa is efficiently done.
  • simple to implement
  • easy to understand.
  • a hierarchical structure.
  • reflect structural relationships that are present in the data set
  • easy to insert data than in another data store.
  •  easy to store data in memory management.
  •  user can many nodes
  •  executions are fast.
  • store an arbitrary number of data values.

Disadvantages of Binary Tree:

  • In binary tree traversals, there are many pointers that are null and hence useless.
  • The access operation in a Binary Search Tree (BST) is slower than in an array.
  • A basic option is dependent on the height of the tree.
  • Deletion node not easy.
  • A basic option is based on the height of tree.
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