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Amdocs Interview Experience 2021

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  • Last Updated : 23 Nov, 2021

Date: 29 Oct 2021 4:00 PM

Round 1(Online Aptitude): Quantitative, Verbal Reasoning, Objectives on PL/SQL and Unix

Coding and SQL: This section had 4 questions.  

  1. Based on arrays, simple array manipulation. (Very Easy) (choice between C/C++/Java)
  2. A variation of subset sum problem (Hard) – DP soln passed all test cases.
  3. Based SQL query using order by, Limit. (Easy)
  4. Based SQL query using joins, Order by, group by, Limit, sum, average. (Easy)

Round 2(Psychometric Test): This was a 15 mins test that had 50 objective-type questions. This was not a pass or fail the test, this round was taken just to check your decisions in different situations.


  1. How are you/ Give your Introduction
  2. What You Know about AMDOCS
  3. Why AMDOCS?
  4. Tell Me about Your Projects?
  5. Any Technical Skills you are aware of?
  6. OOPs advantages?
  7. What is OOPs?
  8. What is Encapsulation?
  9. What is Abstraction?
  10. What is Overriding?
  11. What is inheritance?
  12. Pass by value and pass by reference?
  13. Pointers and it’s all types?
  14. malloc and calloc?
  15. Tell me about DBMS (as I mentioned DBMS as my technical skill)?
  16. What are joins?
  17. 2nd  Minimum salary(SQL code).
  18. DDL, DML, DCL, and TCL(SQL Languages )?
  20. ACID properties?
  21. What is DATA STRUCTURES?
  22. What is Stack, queue, and Linked List?
  23. How to imply Queue using Stack?
  24. What is the difference between Stack and queue?
  25. Coding Question: check whether two are palindrome or Not?
  26. What is an Exception in C++?
  27. What is Exceptional handling?
  28. What are Try, catch and throw?
  29. Then he asked me about my future coming projects if any?

That’s it, I have done with questions. Any questions??

I asked some questions he answered very nicely(8-10 min discussion). Thank you so much then the Technical Interview is over.

(Around 45 minutes my interview was then after 15mins luckily One meeting is scheduled for 5.30 pm for HR  )

Round 3(HR Interview):

  1. How was your Technical Interview?
  2. Why Amdocs?
  3. What are your Goals?
  4. Are you ready for relocation? Any Preferences for Locations(I said YES)
  5. Then asked about Education and background verification.
  6. How many members are there in your family?
  7. Anyone from your family is in AMDOCS?


 I got my result on the same day around 9.30 pm  and I am selected(So Happy)


  1. Go Through all basics and theory FROM C,OOPs(ATLEAST one FROM C++ OR JAVA) , DBMS, and Data Structures
  2. Do not  lie in your resume as questions were asked  from your resume also
  3. Implementation of stack using queues and vice-versa
  4. ALWAYS BE CONFIDENT WHAT YOU SPEAK INFRONT OF THE INTERVIEWER(it is very important how you showcase yourself to the interviewer)
  5. Read as many Interview experiences from GeeksforGeeks

Thank You! 

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