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Amazon Wow Interview Experience 2022

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  • Last Updated : 12 Oct, 2022
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Amazon WOW is a program conducted by Amazon every year to hire final-year undergraduate female students for a 6-month internship. There were 3 rounds in the complete process.

Round 1: This round had a Technical round which consisted majorly of 9 sections.

  • CS Fundamentals – OS, DBMS, DSA, OOP
  • Pseudo codes –  Pseudo codes were given and output was asked for each question.
  • Software testing 
  • System Design 
  • Software Management concepts
  • Coding Question: 1 coding question was asked based on topologies and you had a choice of languages you can code in.

Round 2: This round had 2 coding questions which can be categorized as medium to hard, also this round consisted of behavioral questions and virtual space, similar to simulation.

I was able to solve both the coding questions and was able to solve all of the behavioral questions.

Round 3(Technical Interview): For this round, I was called to Amazon’s office(Banglore) for an in-person interview. My interview started with the interviewer giving a brief introduction about himself and asking for mine. I have told you about my projects and my internship experiences.

Verdict – Selected.


  • Keep your mind open because the interviewer is just trying to see your thought process.
  • Always listen to the interviewer carefully because he/she might be trying to help you by giving some hints.
  • Think out loud, speak every single word you are thinking.
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