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Amazon WOW Interview Experience 2021

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 04 Mar, 2022
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Amaze wow is a recruitment drive for women conducted every year.

  • 6 months and FTE roles for final year students.
  • 2 months intern role for pre-final year students

I applied for 2 month SDE intern through Amaze WOW 2021. There were total three rounds for 2 months internship

Round 1: 1 coding Questions and 40 MCQ covering topics mentioned below

  • Data Structure
  • Algorithms
  • Linux
  • Software Engineering
  • DBMS
  • Networking
  • OS
  • OOPS

I was able to pass all test cases. This round was open for 16-17th August and On 23th August I got mail for second round

1 hr 30 minutes was allocated for this round.

Round 2: The first section (20 minutes) was the debugging section and consisted of 7 very easy code snippets which had to be debugged to get the desired output. These questions were very easy. You have to try to find out logical error like you should replace ‘>’ with ‘<‘ , one of them was based on selection sort. I was able to debug all 7.

  • The second section (70 minutes) was the coding section and consisted of 2 coding questions. The first question was a medium level hashmap problem for me and in the second question, we have to sort list based on different parameters( In this question we have to use comparator interface in java). I was able to solve pass all the test cases of both problems.
  • The third section (20 minutes) was Workstyle Assessment.
  • Fourth section (35 minutes) consisted of Logical Reasoning questions.

I got mail on 7th September that I was shortlisted for interview.

Round 3: My interview was on 11th October. It was one hour interview on Amazon chime.

2 coding questions

  2. Construct balanced BST from sorted list.

Always remember that interviewers are always there to help you . Think out loud and discuss your approach with them.



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