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Amazon Interview | Set 116 (On-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 21 Jun, 2019

Round 1:-
20 MCQ’s(Majority from OS and Java, C++, 1 aptitude)
2 coding questions.

1. Given an array, find the maximum sum that can be formed from the array such that no two adjacent elements are taken into consideration.
for ex:- 1,2,3,5 should return 7.
2. Print Vertical axis sum of the given binary tree.
Round 2:-
Group Coding Round
36 people made it to the next round. 2 questions were asked
1. Given an array which initially increases and then decreases, search for an element in the array.
2. Merge ‘k’ sorted arrays.

Round 3:-

Technical interview
18 people were selected for the next round and they asked me 2 questions
1. Given an infinitely growing sorted array which initially consists of 0’s and then 1’s upto infinity. Find the transition point where 0 changes to 1 effectively.
2. Given a binary search tree, make 2 separate trees such that difference between the sum of elements between them is minimum.(After some time he gave me a hint which helped me solve the problem).

Round 4:-
Technical Interview
1. Some basic OS related questions
2. Implement a data structure which would perform insertion, deletion, search and randomize operation with minimum time complexity.
We discussed a lot of data structures and I settled with a data structure (Hashtable with DLL). But he gave me clues and improvised my solution.
3. Implement a Queue using 2 stacks. Optimise your implementation

(They didn’t ask me to code in this round. They just checked how efficiently I approached it )

Round 5:-
Technical interview
I think this is the bar raiser round. We are aware of the game show in which a contestant will think of a famous personality and the host will try to find the personality within a finite set of questions. I was asked to design a system which would implement the same. He asked me to write a code to return the first question (like the deciding factor on which the elements will be further partioned) so that I can find the celebritry in minimum no. of questions.
I think they were checking your approach, ideas and patience in this round. Whatever solution I gave he never seemed to be satisfied. Be confident in your approach and don’t ever give up.

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