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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 418 (For SDE 2)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 12 Jul, 2019

I applied through recruiter, i was having 4 year exp while appearing for this interview, overall it was quite lengthy process.
I shared my resume to recruiter and later was scheduled a telephonic discussion

Telephonic Round 1:
Brief Intro from both the side then he asked the technical question,

  1. Topological sort (there are lots of modules are given which are dependent on other modules, find the build sequence).
  2. Median in running stream of integers. (solved using min and max heap) GeeksforGeeks Link

Then there was gap of almost 3 weeks with no clue on feedback then suddenly recruiter contacted me stating the positive feedback from telephonic discussion and invite for In House interview at Amazon Gurgaon office since i was in NCR region.

Round 2:

This was completely technical round, i was asked to three technical question, not much tough

  1. LCA of two nodes GeeksforGeeks Link
  2. Stock buy and sell problem GeeksforGeeks Link
  3. Finding if there exist a sum X of two elements from and array having positive and negative numbers GeeksforGeeks Link

Round 3:

This was kind of mix of technical and some behavioral questions

Initially interview asked some of the questions from resume then jumped to the technical questions,

  1. Maximum sum subarray from array having positive and negative numbers both. GeeksforGeeks Link
  2. LRU implementation

Round 4:

This round was completely design round (LLD and HLD)
Design Debugger then in between he moved to design Meeting scheduler
In last 10 minute he asked me to give HLD of Clock Room

Round 5:

This was taken by some senior developer,
He asked few question related to previous work, its challenges then moved to technical question

  1. Finding missing number in array, i gave XOR approach then he deep dived into how XOR work
    given a tree having unique nodes and given n and k value, find n node and then print all nodes having distance of k from nth node in both the direction GeeksforGeeks Link

Then again some behavioral question,

  1. Why amazon?
  2. Why leaving current org?

This type of questions.

These all rounds happen on the same day, then i was asked to leave for the day and wait till next week for getting the feedback and next steps if any.

After 1 week, i got mail stating that, we would like to proceed further and scheduled my bar raiser round.

Round 6 (BR):

It was telephonic discussion,
Interviewer judged me on Amazon leadership principles,
And i believe i just slips on one of the principle but overall he was satisfied with my responses.
And he asked me to explain HLD for Automatic Parking System.

This interview stretched for long since there was some network connectivity issue with my cell network,

In last he asked me to explain just the approach of solving a technical problem,
Exact question i don’t remember but it was related to merging k sorted array.

Round 7 (HM):

Nearly next week this interview was scheduled since Hiring mangers were not available due to their busy schedule,

Majority of the time this interview was around behavioral questions and Amazon leadership principles.

In last he asked me to design Game Studio like amoeba game zone.


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