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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 307 (Off-Campus)

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I got call from consultancy for Amazon. After profile shortlisting, i received online test and then had telecom interview. After I went to Pune for f2f interview. HR shares all the topics need to study for interview. Below are the details of all rounds.

Round 1: Online test
2 programs with 75 mins duration.

Round 2: Telecom interview
2 coding programs here too. Initially approach need to discuss, and once it’s concrete and finalized they will ask to write code.

  1. Find level with maximum nodes on binary tree
  2. Addition of infinite size of integer

Round 3: F2F design round

  •  Design parking system

Round 4: F2F design round

  • Design notification system

Round 5: Coding round

  1.  Remove half nodes from binary tree
  2.  Swap elements in linked list

Round 6: coding round

  1.  LRU cache implementation
  2. Copy binary tree and create new. Binary tree has left, right and random pointer

In any round they will discuss your project in dept. And asks for alternatives for technologies used in your application.

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Last Updated : 08 Jul, 2019
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