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Amazon Interview Experience (Off-Campus) 2022

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 13 Sep, 2022
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Hii Folks!!

              Hope you all are doing great!! I graduated in 2022 from Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology. I was a student from a non-CS background. I recently(3rd Aug’22) got an offer from Amazon for SDE-1. It was an Off-Campus Offer. There were four rounds of the interview process at Amazon(1-OA,2-TR,3-TR,4-BR). Here are the following-

Round 1(January 2022): It was an online assessment round. It has happened on HackerRank. There were two medium-level questions. It has to be solved in 70 minutes. After completing the test I have been given a survey link which was part of the assessment.

Round 2(21 March 2022, 60 minutes): After clearing the first round I have been informed that I will be having 2 technical rounds on the same day. It was at 3 O’Clock in the evening. In the first round, I have been asked 3 questions-

Round 3(21 March 2022, 60 minutes): On the same day I had been interviewed after clearing the first technical(Round 2) round. It was at 4:30 O’Clock in the evening. In this, it has been asked two questions-

         Suppose there is a sentence – “Ram has 50$ in his pocket.”

          The question is if he loses 10$, how many dollars she will have? So I had to write it in full sentences, i.e. “Ram has 40$ in his pocket.”

Round 4(Bar Raiser Round, 29 July 2022, 60 minutes): This was the last round of the interview process. It was at 10 O’Clock in the morning. I have been asked about my previous projects. It was almost 10 minutes discussion. The interviewer also asked some Leadership Principle Questions. It was also asked for 10 minutes, and after that interviewer moved to coding problems. He has asked two questions in this round. Here are the followings-

Verdict(3 August 2022): After 4 days I have been informed by the recruiter that I have been selected :).

Important Points to remember:

  •   Never postpone your interview(That might lead to a lot of gaps in dates because there are multiple candidates giving interviews.)
  •  Take the Bar Raiser round seriously(Always prepare for leadership principle questions, It is the most important round of the process.)
  •  Always focus on concepts(Never mug up the questions, always try to understand the questions.)
  •  Be confident about your answers(Never doubt yourself in the interview.)
  •  Always try explaining your approach before coding(It would be a better practice if you give a brute force approach.)
  •  Have a good understanding of time complexity(I have been asked TC of every question.)
  •  Most Important, Amazon Interview never got canceled in between the ongoing process. So have patience when you are not getting a response from your recruiter.
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