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Amazon Interview Experience for System Development Engineer L4 (Experienced 3+ Yrs)

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  • Last Updated : 16 Dec, 2022
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It was a support profile and I was assessed in debugging troubleshooting, and scripting skills on Linux machines.

There was a total of 6 Rounds

1 Online assessment, 3 Technical, 1 BR round, 1 HR Round

Round 1: Online Assessment

I received a Hirepro assessment link. We have the option to select our preferred coding language or scripting language.

Time Duration- 1 hour 15 min

There were 4 questions.

  • MCQ is based on a search and sort Algorithm.
  • Problem Solving/Coding – Connected cell in a grid.
  • Problem Solving/Coding- Identify an anagram without sorting
  • Scripting/Coding – Find the most repeated phone number from a file.

Round 2: Online Interview(1 Panelist)

  • Questions based on Linux Commands
  • Write a Script to parse and read log files 
  • Behavioral Question- A situation where the candidate has taken a calculated risk and what was the result.

Round 3: Online Interview (1 Panelist)

  • Types of search and sort algorithms and their best and worst-case time complexity
  • Array-based coding question (Easy)
  • Array-based coding question (Medium)
  • On the job Scenario based problem-solving question(Troubleshooting steps)

Round 4: Online Interview – Manager Round(2 Panelists)

It was a discussion with a couple of managers, in my case they were from different business groups, and one of them was going to be my future manager.

  • Started with detailed discussion on current responsibilities and technical stack.
  • Deep dive into the current project and all the experiences mentioned on the resume.
  • Behavioral question – A time when the candidate took something significant outside the common area of responsibility.
  • An example is when the candidate has delivered an important project under a tight deadline. 
  • Coding Question

Round 5: Online Interview(1 Panelist) – Bar Raiser Round

Detailed discussion on the most recent project. There were a lot of behavioral questions which inherently focused on Amazon’s Leadership principles. 

  • A situation where the candidate has come up with a very simple situation for a very complex problem
  • What is the most innovative thing that the candidate has done, can be anything in life.
  • Algorithmic problem-solving question(Linked List based).

Round 6: HR Discussion

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