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Amazon Interview Experience for SDE-1 | Off-Campus 2021

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I got this opportunity through my college email, which was sent by Amazon India Campus SDE. I applied and I got the Test link.

Round 1: Online Assessment

This is a written test, which contains several sections:

  • Code Debugging ( Automata Fix) :
  1. This section contains 7 questions and is given 20 minutes of time. We have to find the mistake in the given code and we have to fix and run the code. If all test cases passed. Then it’s correct.
  2. I have done all the given 7 questions in the given time. Most of them are related to sorting and counting frequency type of coding questions.
  • Coding Test:
  1.  Given two coding questions, easy to medium level questions.
  2. The first question asked is:
  3. The second question asked is similar to:, We have to find maximum subtree means, which is the sum of subtree/number of nodes in a subtree.
  • Logical Reasoning: This round contains basic Logical reasoning questions.
  • Behavioral Questions: In this section, all questions are related to situation questions. Like they’ll give you two situations, we have to select one.

Round 2: Interview 1 

  • There were two interviewers one is SDE-1 and another is SDE-2.
  • Firstly they introduced them and asked me to introduce myself.
  • They directly jumped into coding questions.
  • The first question is: Asteroid Collision, I solved it. I had few mistakes but he made me correct it.
  • The second question is 3Sum, I first gave brute force and I gave optimized using sorting. They asked to directly code as we are running out of time.
  • And finally done with round  1.

Round 3: Interview 2 

  • After 15min, I got a call from the coordinator that my second interview will be at 11:30 am, on the same day.
  • I joined the interview, he was a bit late, as he didn’t any information that there is an interview for him, he joined 15min late.
  • He introduced himself and asked about me.
  • And he jumped into coding questions.
  • He asked me two coding questions.
  • The first question is: Sudoku Solver
  • As I have solved this question already, I solved it using backtracking.
  • As there is still time remaining, he asked me another question which is related to the graph.
  • I misunderstood the question and solved the misunderstood question.
  • In the end, he got to know that I didn’t understand the question properly.
  • He asked for which question, I have solved.
  • He said that’s ok, you did something.
  • I thought I wouldn’t go to the next round.
  • But I got mail that my 3rd interview is at 5 pm on the same day.

Round 4: Interview 3

  • In this round, the interviewer is a Software Development Manager at Amazon having work experience of almost 12 years.
  • First, he introduced himself and told me to introduce myself.
  • He asked me about the projects which I have done.
  • He went deep into like technologies, I have used.
  • This discussion about the project went around 30 minutes.
  • And he jumped into coding question
  • The question is Validate Arithmetic Expression, Which is similar to Balanced Brackets.
  • I tried to solve it, and I dry run it with few test cases, and it worked with those test cases.
  • And he said ok, That’s it from my side.
  • And asked “Any questions??”
  • I asked about his experience at Amazon and what kind of projects will be given to freshers.
  • He really explained it very well and he is very patient.
  • We had a very nice conversation at the end, while he was telling about his interview experience which is 12 years ago.
  • The interview Ended.

After almost a week I got a call from the recruiter that I got an offer for SDE role at Amazon. 🙂



  1. Do Leetcode and solve as many problems as possible and understand each and every question and try optimizing the solution after doing the brute force.
  2. Interviewers are there to see your problem-solving skills, not the output, so understand the approach while solving a question.
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Last Updated : 02 Sep, 2021
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