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Amazon Interview Experience

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I have applied to Amazon via LinkedIn. Finally, I got a mail stating that I can give my online test on Hacker-rank platform.

Round 1: It is an online round on hacker-rank. Two coding questions were asked. We need to write time complexity and space complexity as well.

  1. Optimizing Alexa Suggestions

    In this question 1 list is given with x and y coordinates and an integer X is given. We need to find X restaurants near the customer from location (0,0).

    Example 1 : 
    O/P: [[1,-1],[1,2]]
  2. Device Application Pairs

    In this question device capacity, foregroundAppList and backgroundAppList is given. We need to find the foreground and background pair which optimally utilizes the device capacity. List has set of pair where first integer represents id and second integer represents amount of memory required.

    Example 1 :
    capacity = 7, 
    Example 2 : 
    capacity = 10, 

After 15-20 days I got call from HR for amazon Chime Interview. There will be 3 rounds on that day only. The rounds were held in next week.

Round 2: It is taken by Manager. 

  • There is discussion on project, leadership principles and Java concepts.
  • Incident when you deep dive, etc
  • Process and threads
  • How works when we type it in URL.
  • Multiprocessing, multitasking, multithreading, etc

Round 3: It is taken by SDE-1. Two codes were asked. I was able to solve both.


Round 4: It was taken by SDE-2. Two codes were asked. I was able to solve both.

  1. A question similar to:
  3. A question based on dp to find ways to move from one cell to another.

After 3 weeks I got reply that I will have bar raiser round after 1 week.

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Last Updated : 01 Sep, 2021
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