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Altimetrik Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 14 Feb, 2022

My name is Pooja Abasaheb Kate pursuing a B.Tech ‘Final Year’ in CSE from SVERI’S college of engineering Pandharpur. I have been selected in multiple  MNC’S and I am super excited to share my interview experience with the reputed MNC company “Altimetrik”.

Altimetrik company come to our college for recruitment. There was no roles mentioned in the job description but the package was good. We had given a test window on 03-Jan-2022(Monday) open from 11.00 AM to 05.00 PM in between the time span given we had to complete the test.

Round 1 (Online Test): We had given a test window on 03-Jan-2022(Monday) open from 11.00 AM to 05.00 PM in between the time span given we had to complete the test. The test was for 90 minutes. There were 38 questions asked.

  • Numerical reasoning ability-12(difficulty level Easy to Medium)
  • Logical reasoning ability-12(difficulty level-Easy to Medium)
  • Verbal reasoning ability-11(difficulty level-Easy to Medium)
  • Coding Questions-3(difficulty level-Medium to Hard)

I solved two coding questions with all the test cases passed and one coding question with 3/6 test cases passed.

Round 2 (Technical Interview 1): After the online test immediately after the next day, we came to know that we have selected. Around 120 students gave the online test and 4 students were called for interviews.S o eliminating ratio for students was 1/30.

So focus most on the online test.

In this round interviewer asked me everything from my resume. So I suggest you guys only write those things in your resume on which you are confident enough. She asked me about my academic projects and the project which I did during the internship.

Round 3 (Technical Interview 2): This is also an elimination round.

In this interview, only two students were called. This interview was a little bit challenging for me.The interviewer asked me about one puzzle which I never read before. But he was very friendly he explained the scenario in my mother tong language(Marathi). He gave me 15 minutes to think and somehow I came up with the solution. I explained my solution and he was pretty happy and convinced.Later on he asked questions on DS & Algo. What is the difference between linkedlist and array? What are the real-life examples of the same he also asked how to delete a node from the LinkedList(only approach not implementation)?I could not able to answer some questions but I never gave the wrong answer. Honesty matters a lot!

Round 4 (HR Interview): Fortunately I was only one student shortlisted for this round. This round was very easy. We had a casual talk.HR asked me,

Have you attended a pre-placement talk or not. What do you know about Altimetrik? At last “Do you have any questions for me?”.Don’t let this golden opportunity go. Ask questions about training or anything about the company.

That’s all!!


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