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Airtel Interview Experience for SDE (On-Campus) 2022

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  • Last Updated : 08 Sep, 2022
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Airtel came to our college to hire final-year students for the SDE role.

Online Test: In the Online test, there were four sections

  • Normal logical and reasoning Aptitude: In this section 14-16 problems were there will a time limit of 15 min i.e 1 min per question
  • Advanced aptitude: in this also same pattern was there and the questions were also moderate ..means if someone has good grasp on aptitude then he/she will be able to do . I was also able to do that in the given time frame.
  • Two coding questions in 1 hour. One was also medium and another one was medium-hard
    • For the first question, a long story was given but it was actually the largest interval after merging overlapping intervals.
    • The second question was to calculate the average waiting time in round-robin scheduling with different arrival times for each process

I was able to solve 1st completely and another one partially

  • Computer science fundamentals: there were nearly 14 MCQs in 14 min … If you have clarity of concepts you will easily crack all the MCQs.

After this round company shortlisted 72 students for interviews and I was one of them

Technical Round 1(1 hour): In this round 1st of the interviewer asked me to introduce myself then he started asking about concepts of OOPS.

  • what is overriding and overloading?
  • what are compile time and run time exceptions?
  • what is a Null point exception?
  • Difference between array and linked list and where we think to use an array and where to use a linked list

Then he moved to coding question

  • He asked me to create an array and then create a linked list using that array and write code to insert an element and reverse a linked list
  • I was to code that very fast in less than 10 min ..He tried my code for edge cases and it was running perfectly.He seems satisfied.
  • Then he gave me a second question:
  • To find the pivot index in a sorted and rotated array
  • But the time left was less than 9min so he asked to code it in that 9 min with an explanation. I was able to do that and he seems satisfied.
  • At the end i asked him two questions and the interview ends here.

Technical Round 2 (35 min): this time again interview started with my introduction but this time the interviewer was really very polite and cooperative.

  • He asked me to tell him what should he ask …I answered with smile that whatever he wants.
  • So he started asking a few SQL queries.
  • Then he asked me a Coding question
  • Given a class having three members one is the name of the student other is the state and his id.
  • Then I have to crate an array of classes and then have to find how many times each state is present in the array
  • So i wrote the code and tried to compile it but it was showing error. I tried hard to resolve it but failed because of nervousness but the interviewer didn’t mind it because code was correct but the problem was i didn’t made class members public. Later I realized it.
  • Then he asked me to tell the diff between calloc and malloc functions

At the end again i asked two questions and the interview ends here … But this time i was doubtful about my selection for round 3.

Round 3 (HR round 20-25 min): Luckily I was selected for round 3.

  • The HR asked me to introduce myself and then she asked me many questions like why should we only take you not any other candidate?
  • How do you see yourself after 5 years?
  • Being from non circuital branch how you managed coding and your studies and many more.
  • She was really happy with all my answers and this round went best for me in all the three rounds and I was quite confident to be selected 🙂

Finally the results came and 22 students were selected and i was one of them.

Work Hard and try to accept failures.

ALL the BEST !!!!!

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