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Airtel Interview Experience for SDE (Intern+FTE) 2021

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  • Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2022

Online Assessment  – There were a few MCQs and 2 coding questions.

  • I didn’t remember the exact questions but both were of easy-medium category.
  • Luckily, I was able to solve both of them and thus got shortlisted for the next round.

Interview Round 1 – He introduced himself and asked me for an introduction and a few of my projects (since I did a lot of live projects) and asked if there is any URL or link for them. We had a discussion around 20mins and then he proceeds to the coding part.

  • First, he asked me to design a linked list with some basic operations (add a node, delete a node).
  • I told him the approach and code it within a few minutes.
  • Then, he asked me to implement the stack by using the above designed LinkedList. (Push and Pop operation)
  • Followed up, he asked me to implement a Queue using that stack (enqueue and dequeue operations)
  • I told him the O(n) approach first and then he asked me to optimize that.
  • He was completely satisfied by my answers and we end the interview on a happy note. (60-minutes)
  • The interviewer was friendly and a very kind person. I never feel it like an interview, more it feels like a discussion.

Interview Round 2– Starts again with some basic intro, followed by a quick discussion over my Projects. He asked me about Event Loop in JS and how JS works asynchronously.

Interview Round 3 – It was only a 15-minutes HR round.  

  • He asked me about what I think Airtel actually works. 
  • Then, he sends me a link and gave me 5-min to go through the entire article and tell him what I understood from that.

Verdict– After a few days, I got selected.


  • Keep your basics very clean, either in the case of DS/Algo or with the Tech stacks you used in your projects. They may be a game-changer any time.
  • Also, I would like to thank the GFG community, I got benefited from it a lot and it is my responsibility to give something back. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this. Keep faith in your abilities, prepare as hard as you can, hope for the best, good days are coming.  

Happy Coding!!

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