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Advantages and Disadvantages of Bus Topology

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 06 Jun, 2022
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Bus Topology: Alternatively mentioned as line topology, bus topology could even be a specific quiet topology during which each computer and network device is connected to a minimum of one cable or backbone. In general, the term refers to how various devices are acknowledged during a network. counting on sort of network card, coax or an RJ-45 network cable is employed to attach them. 

Bus topology carries transmitted data through the cable. because data reaches each node, the node checks the destination address (MAC/IP address) to work out if it matches their address. If the address does not match with the node, the node does nothing more. But if the addresses of nodes match to address contained within data then they process on knowledge. In the bus, communication between nodes is done through a foremost network cable.

Bus topology

Bus topology

 Advantages of Bus Topology :

  • It is the easiest network topology for connecting peripherals or computers in a linear fashion.
  • It works very efficiently well when there is a small network.
  • The length of cable required is less than a star topology.
  • It is easy to connect or remove devices in this network without affecting any other device.
  • Very cost-effective as compared to other network topology i.e. mesh and star
  • It is easy to understand topology.
  • Easy to expand by joining the two cables together.

Disadvantages of Bus Topology :

  • Bus topology is not great for large networks.
  • Identification of problems becomes difficult if the whole network goes down.
  • Troubleshooting individual device issues is very hard.
  • Need terminators are required at both ends of the main cable.
  • Additional devices slow the network down.
  • If the main cable is damaged, the whole network fails or splits into two.
  • Packet loss is high.
  • This network topology is very slow as compared to other topologies.
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