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Adobe XD vs Zeplin

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  • Last Updated : 29 Nov, 2022
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We all have heard the proverb “a picture tells a thousand words” which means images put a great impact on users. Being virtual creatures, humans can process visual data more easily compared to textual or any other form of data. Hence the usage of images is increasing substantially in different fields like advertisements, presentations, webinars, etc. The creation of images required a lot of skills and time along with special software. Adobe XD and Zeplin are two frequently used software so let’s compare these for finding the best software.

What is Adobe XD?

Adobe XD is a prototyping software that was developed by Adobe for simplifying UI/UX design. It is a vector-oriented software that produces high-quality mockups and images. With its simple interface and classic features like techy typefaces, lightning, punchy colors, etc. it become very popular. It has different clients like visual designers, product engineers, app designers, etc.

Advantages of Adobe XD

  • Files of other vector-based software like Illustrator and Photoshop can be easily imported into Adobe XD. 
  • It prevents data loss by providing cloud backup functionality.
  • It allows the secure transfer of files by locking them and providing different permissions like read and write.
  • Saves designer’s work by providing ready-made templates.

Limitations of Adobe XD

  • It is very difficult to export CSS with UI/UX designs.
  • It is expensive software.

What is Zeplin?

Zeplin is a desktop application that helps designers to collaborate and share UI/UX designs among themselves. It also helps in generating code snippets of UI designs developed in different software like Figma, Sketch, etc. It was built by 4 members of Zeplin Incorporation namely Pelin Kenez, Berk Çebi, Merih Akar, and Ismail Ceylan.

Advantages of Zeplin

  • CSS code for designs can be easily generated.
  • Artwork management using names and tags is very easy.
  • Provides a free plan to users to test the software.
  • It supports files from other software like Adobe XD, Sketch, etc.

Disadvantages of Zeplin

  • It lacks alert notification and messaging features.
  • Its user interface is complex and not easy to learn.

Following is a table of differences between Adobe XD and Zeplin:


Adobe XD


Definition Adobe XD is a graphic designing and prototyping software that eases developers in UI/UX work. Zeplin can be defined as a collaboration tool that bridges the gap between UI designers and front-end developers.
Supported Platforms It is available for both mobile and desktops. It does not support mobile devices.
File Extension .XD is the default file extension of Adobe XD. .zeplin is the default file extension of Zeplin.
Trial period and Price It offers 7 days free trial after which a subscription starts at $9.99 per month. Its basic plan is free while a team subscription is available at $8 per month and the organization plan costs $16 per month. 
Type It is a desktop application. It is a browser-based as well as a desktop application.
Top Clients FISPAN, Dek-D, Paralect, etc. are the top clients of Adobe XD. Stack share, Glovo, KAVAK, etc. are the top clients of Zeplin.
Share It can easily share interactive prototypes. It can share only static designs.
Integrated Tools Some of the best-integrated tools of Adobe XD are ProtoPie, Crowdin, Axure, etc. Some of the best-integrated tools of Zeplin are Slack
Sketch, Figma, etc.


On detailed comparison, it is clear that Adobe XD is a winner due to industry standard design features and advanced tools. It also provides better customer support. On the other side, Zeplin is good for low-budget projects with simple features.

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