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Adobe Interview | Set 9

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  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 11 Aug, 2021
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Experience: 8 months 

Online Written Test: 
Given interviewstreet links of two tests. 24 hr. timeline to finish both tests. Tests are independent, can be given at any-time on that day in any order. 

  1. Duration 120 min. 
    Basic C,OS 20 multiple choice questions 
    7 coding questions 


  2. Duration 50 min. 
    40 low-level maths aptitude and LR questions

After a week, received a call for onsite interview rounds at Noida office. 

4 technical rounds + HR: 

  • 1st round: (manager level guy) 
    little intro to give it a start 
    why do you want to leave so early (Graduated in 2013 so its only 8 months) 
    Should I evaluate you as freshers or experienced? (because my previous work was bit of non-technical) 
    1. (Bit manipulation/bit masking) 
      Given a M*N size tv screen. Colour of each pixel is integer value b/w 0-7 (i.e. 3 bits to represent colour) 
      screen is tightly packed bits(no byte padding allowed). now given an (i,j) index of pixel change its colour? 
      Basically, screen is matrix but in memory, its represented as a 1-d array. 
      character array can be used to represent each bit. 
      map matrix (i,j) to 1-d array and change 3 bits to change colour. 
      the problem arise when 2 bits are in one byte and another 1 bit is in another byte. 


    2. Process vs threads 
    3. One question to check whether I have idea on address space of process and threads 
      (based upon threads share data and heap but have separate stacks) 
    4. How realloc() work in C.
  • 2nd round: (4-5 years experienced guy) 
    1. Given an integer N. tell if it is power of 3 or not. 
    2. Given infinitely long character array. 
      replace all occurrence of particular word with another word of larger length. Solution should be inplace can do copy only one time. 
      Gandhi was born in 1969. Gandhi was from Gujrat. 
      replace Gandhi with Mahatma 
    3. Given a binary search tree delete any node in tree
      one more question.
  • 3rd round: (4-5 years experienced guy) 
    1. Given a sorted 2-d array of integers i.e. row-wise and column wise sortedSearch for given number in array. 
    2. Given a circular linked list. convert it into non-circular. no link or data can be changed. 
      (basically, find start node of circular list and de-link it ) 
    3. Given an integer array find two numbers with a sum equal to K
      one more question… 
      I finished this round early so he chatted about which system you use. (Windows or Linux) 
      what is difference b/w this two? 
      You had 4 GB RAM or 8 GB RAM? how RAM size affect user perspective? (want to know I have a general idea about virtual memory or not)
  • 4th round: (highly experienced old guy) 
    Given a sorted 2-d array of integers i.e. row-wise and column wise sortedSearch for given number in array. 
    I told him i already solved this in the previous interview. 
    then he extended the same question. 
    Insert a number in this array. 
    Delete a number in this array. 
    Only this question, because we had a wide discussion about various approaches. 


  • HR round: 
    Didn’t happen because HR was in urgent critical meeting. 

    After 2 days got a call from HR that I was selected for Adobe 😀 🙂

Thank you GeeksforGeeks team for making my preparation smoother. 

If you like GeeksforGeeks and would like to contribute, you can also write an article and mail your article to See your article appearing on the GeeksforGeeks main page and help other Geeks. 

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