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Accolite Interview Experience | Set 17 (On-Campus)

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Written aptitude:
This round consists of 20 MCQ’S from OS, c, dbms etc.

F2F Round 1:
In this round, first she asked about some OOPS related questions in java. The questions are related to Interfaces and why multiple Inheritance is not supported in Java. I answered them all correctly. Then she asked me DS questions:

  1. Find the kth largest element in a row wise and column wise sorted array. I tried multiple solutions but she wants me to improve my time complexity. Finally she suggested that It can be done through heaps but I said that I don’t know heaps then she said ok and moved to next question.
  2. Given a string find the first non-repeating character in it. I used an array of counters to solve it and she was satisfied with the soln.
  3. Given an array of numbers, re-arrange it in such a way that all the even numbers are at the beginning and odd numbers at the end. She first asked me to preserve order, so I used 4 pointers. Then she said that order is not imp then I used 2 pointers and she said ok.
  4. Then she asked me whether I know SQL. I said I know only basics. she asked me two questions , One was on inner queries. The second was on joins. I answered them. She asked me to wait outside. After half an hour they called me for second round.

F2F Round 2:
This round took about 3 hours. First he saw my resume and asked me questions about my projects. The questions are mostly related to Design and algorithms.
He gave me three tables: Students, courses and attendance. I have to design a solution where when he enters a student name, I should display the course in which student has second maximum attendance. I gave him a solution with the pseudocode and he was ok with it.
Then he gave me trie related question. I was given a structure which contains a character or a string and an array of other structures.I should find out given a string whether it can be formed by the structures or not. I gave him trie related algorithm.He asked me to write the full code of it. It took around 45 Min to write the complete working code. He was happy about it.
Finally he asked me to design the red bus website with functionalities like checking availability, booking and cancelling tickets. I gave him a Database schema with 4 tables and logic of the functions. He wanted an extra feature and I implemented it. Then I went to HR round.
HR Round:

This round began with the well known question “Tell me about yourself”. I went on to tell him my projects and achievements. He asks some random questions here and there. You have to answer and then continue. He then asked two technical questions
Kth largest element in 2d array(It was repeated).The other one is print a number that repeats only once in an array. I used BST to solve this. He actually went outside and came back after an hour. You have to be patient. Then I asked if I have any questions for him. I asked him about 5-6 questions.
In the end they played a small prank on us and then said that I got selected.

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Last Updated : 26 Jul, 2019
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