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Accolite Digital interview Experience | On-Campus

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  • Last Updated : 06 Sep, 2021

Round 1: Aptitude Round

The process started with the aptitude test in which basic C++ code snippets were given and few questions were from oops and DBMS concepts too.

Round 2: Coding Round

Then those who cleared this round were allowed to appear in the next round which was a coding round. It has a basic question of recursion. I don’t remember the exact questions but those who were having a good grasp on DSA were able to solve that question. The time limit was 45min.

Round 3: Technical Interview 1

Then those who did that question were sent a mail for an interview scheduled the next day. The interview started at 10 in the morning. I was first asked to introduce myself then after they jumped to my resume part and started asking about my project and course I had completed. Then they asked few basics questions of OOPS, DBMS , OS like

  • Difference between thread and process.
  • What is a semaphore?
  • Types of polymorphism.
  • Deadlock condition etc.
  • Then they jumped to the DSA part and asked a question of link, which was an easy one but the interviewer wanted the best complexity, so I ground myself and finally got to a solution. Then the next question was on the stack and I solved that as soon as I could because I had only a few minutes. Still, we had only 3 minutes then he asked me another question missing the number of arithmetic progression. He gave me some extra time to solve it I told the approach and he asked me for the best complexity solution I told him that one too then he asked me to code that and finally after few minutes I was able to do that. And sent to the next round.

Round 4: Technical Round 2 

  • The interviewer started formally and first introduced himself then asked me to introduce myself. Then also asked few questions on my resume. Then he directly jumped to DSA, he asked me my favorite data structure. I asked him linked list then asked him to apply merge sort on the linked list and then asked my approach I thought a little bit and asked my approach. Then asked me to code after that he dry-run almost 10 test cases. After this, he asked another question from which I need to fetch the data. CSV file and do some calculations on that the. I need to update that in the CSV file. This question was very easy but I didn’t know how to deal with CSV files in c++ as it was my preference so I asked few things about that he gave me the hints and finally I solved that question too and he was satisfied with that and I instantly got the mail for HR round which was scheduled in next 5minutes.

Round 5: HR round

  • Started with the formal introduction. Then he asked me about my strength and weakness. Then asked about the location preference and then he told me all bout the company and the stacks on which the company mostly works.
  • It was an easy round as compare to the technical ones but never take this too easy.


  • Do as much practice as you can on the DSA,
  • Go through the last minutes of computer subjects like OOPS and DBMS from GFG
  • This is enough I guess for any interview.
  • Most important be confident.
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